Mr Pengi and Alfrike nerf them

Mr Pengi and Alfrike too tough

For who may I ask…you?


Like Ferant in middle of tournament this unnfair…cumul effects it s unfair from Alfrik and Mr Pengi too…so uf you get them you think it s ok…but if you don t get them it s according parade. Hanitra Kadilen…not enough…so each time it s same story.

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I understand that both Pengi and Alfrike can be frustrating when you face them. But we get too many of this type of nerf post in the forum.
You can defeat them, they are not invincible.
We all just have to learn who to take from our rosters when we face these type of heroes.
Additionally they will soon have their positions taken in the top spots when newer OP heroes are released.
And sorry - I don’t think that Alfrike is difficult to take down. But accept that she is more dangerous in fast war / tournaments

PS: I don’t have either of these two heroes


no nerfs! 1234567890


What level are you at, may I ask? How deep is your roster? These are good heroes, I will agree, but they are beatable! If you haven’t been playing long enough to counter some of these heroes, that doesn’t mean they should be nerfed, it means your roster needs more depth.


Please nerf all heroes SGG! Newest heroes should get the biggest nerfs, older heroes very little nerfing!


You had me at “hard you rub”!


I think the funniest line I read today in the forum was
“Please buff all of the heroes I have in my roster and nerf all of the others”


With rushwar Alfrike is almost no chance if no tiles. And they nerfed many 5* and these with LB with Mr Pengi are not easy beatable…less than Ferant. So funny to nerf this 4*…

Ferant nerfed it s funny…why. Telluria was too…so like others when stats are too much negative it means something not only roster problem or not.

Yes but nerf Ferant in middle of tournament -20%…don t know why he was tough but not a beast.
And Alfrike with rushwar and troups maxed it s like loss…full yellow heroes …not enough…
They get effects with cumul. That s the problem.
Parade exists right. My roster is not top but not poor. Simply when I see some Alliance with Alfrike or Mr Pengi like a tank …I understand it s more professional player…so like no touch.
For these heroes…why people use Mr Pengi in raid battle…because really tough more than this 4* ferant …lol. but thank you for your message.

Are they supposed to be easily beatable? What’s the point of playing if you are guaranteed a win every battle? Some heroes are always going to be stronger than others.

I bet I dont even have a 50% win rate against Pengi when he is paired with other minion makers, but the fun part is trying to kill him before he is able to fire, or manage the amount of minions on the enemy team before he fires. A lot of heroes out there to do this. Heck, even some 4* hereos can work againse minion teams when mixed in with other 5*.

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Crybabies got their job done mutliple times, ofc this pathetic crying for nerfs will grow up.
SGG likes it i guess.

It’s a sound request. I’d like it applied to my roster as well.
Although if devs applied it they’d end up as Jim Carey at the end of Bruce Almighty saying yes to all prayers…

I’m still not sure Ferrant should have been nerfed. I don’t have him but didn’t think he was extreme. maybe instead of the Nerf they should have changed him to a 5*. But that’s an argument for a different thread.

Haven’t run into many Pengi, Alfrike is so slow to activate I can usually kill her before she is a problem.

Alfrike is broken in rush tournaments. But bring Malosi or last month HOTM and u are fine. She is perfectly beatable in any other rule set. Learn to build teams that can counter your opponents, rather than scream nerf.
Perhaps even say “hey I am having trouble facing Alfrike and Pengi, can I get some guidance/advice” rather than scream nerf…


There is always going to be stronger and weaker heros. Mr Pengi and Alfrike are fine the way they are. It’s a matter of having the right heros to battle them and a decent board. If you take the wrong heros in and get a crappy board they will seem to be over powered. They are beatable. I have a good defensive team with some top heros that wins 75% of the time. The odd time i will see a loss to a team with 3 four star heros in there line up. Point is the boards can make a difference. Pengi is situationally great, without minions I would say he is mediocre. Nerfs are not for situational heros. Nerfs should be only looked at for those who are devistating in any situation. Alfrike being slow, a raider has time to take her out or prep your team to take the hit.

Alfrike and Pengi are not difficult they say… Was Ferant impossible or even difficult to beat?

Ridiculous way of hero treatment…

Alfrike is already very slow. That’s a big disadvantage unless using her for very fast war/tournaments.