Mr green, who gets the tonics? (Poll)

So I can’t decide who will be getting my last tonics.

My top choices are Liu Bei (have wanted to ascend him for a long time now, seems solid after buff), Quenell (from SE), Phileas Fogg (for titans) or The Hatter (a possible game changer depending on the situation).
Tho the poll include all my options except S1 heroes, only one with costume - Lianna.

Current green 5* are:
Lady of the lake (LB 20+)
El Naddaha (LB 20+)
Toxicandra (LB 20+)
Zocc (LB 20+)
Eiora & Fluffy (LB 20+)
Bertila (+20)

The options in poll:

  • Liu Bei
  • Quenell
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Guan Yu
  • The Hatter
  • Garjammal
  • Silvaria
  • El Naddaha (dupe)
  • Eiora & Fluffy (dupe)

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Whilst Quinell is a better all rounder, you don’t have a green Element down so Fogg will hugely improve your Titan/MT scores and will stack very nicely with Nad and E&F on a 3/2 offensive team… plus his dispell before hit is very useful vs taunt/counter etc… he’d be my vote (unless you have Evelyn buried in your roster you mossed listing!)

(Fwiw I have both maxed so have experience with using them both).