:mow unlucky are you


I’m having a bad luc0PemkMZX5N.jpeg)


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I don’t which ratio I had.

But I have +200 1* and 2*, and a few 3*, red troops waiting for my Gravy.

One year and its the 4* troop I didnt get yet.

Very dissapointed each time I summon troops.

What the heck is raito!
I didn’t even understand what is the 35 nor the 4.5 numbers mean lol.
I fail in math. (Thats how I gate shoping or buy any thing from hypers) :pensive:

But I have 3 4☆ troops
Green lv4
Yellow lv4
Red lv6
And I have 15 3☆
X3 of each color … levels between 3~10
And I have 15 2☆
X3 for each color … levels between 5~6

Never tracked the 3☆ troops before but I got many of them and keept just 2 for attack and 1 for def of each color.

Frankly it took me more than a year (1 year and almost a half) to finish collecting a rainbow of 4* troops. In fact I recently pulled purple and yellow 4* over the holiday season

So by my standards you are actually doing well.

I pulled green and blue very early I think, and repeats too.

Eventually they come, you won’t take longer than me.

My ratio of 3* to 4* was very high, well more than 7 (maybe 20), now I’ve fed most of them and left a few stragglers behind for colour stacks

Edit: Sorry @_John_Doe I misread the ratio. My ratio of 3* to months played must be 200/18 =11 or so, I don’t know. I pulled too many 3* to count

Photos or it didn’t happen:


Dear @FrenziedEye I spent more than you and not yet full set of beloved 4☆s.
Nothing important tho I beat up ppl with lv20+ troops all the time lol.

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my answer is below:

3* troops = 35
months_played = 4.5
ratio = how many 3*troops for a month worth

You played just 4.5 months daaaayum!
I feel I know you forever lol !
In this case I had over 300 3☆ and played since 19July 2017
But I still hate the math.
Edit: accouring to OP last Edit … the number of 3☆s I had is for all the play time. Never had more than 20 3☆ monthly some times less but never more.
And I still don’t see how to g3t that ■■■■ raito. Math gets me angry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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@FrenziedEye @Jedon

edited to be more understandable :blush:


I have about 250 1 and 2* troops waiting to get fed.

Just missing blue 4*. I think i accidentally fed away a few 4 troops before i realized you should save more than one.
I’ve fed away a bunch of 3* troops.
I also fed away my leveled 2 and 3* when i got my first 4* not knowing I’d need them for events.
I’ve been playing since August 8th


I don’t remember my 3* troops but I have the following 4* troops after 7 months of playing:

4* red: 3 (got these early, thank goodness I have mostly red heroes.) Edit: Got another one today!
4* purple: 2 (just right for my healer + Proteus)
4* yellow: 2 (just for Chao! and an extra one for Wu Kong when he gets leveled)
4* blue: 1 (I just got Triton/Sonya so will finally see some utility over the next month)
no 4* green (ugh)
4* total: 8 +2 = 10
months : 7

My baby account got her first purple 4* troop within the first month of playing. 1 green 4* in December.
Grand total of two months = Two 4* troops
Perfect for her Mother North.
Edit: +1 4* blue today.

I just keep enough 2* and 3* troops for the challenges (at least 2 or 3 only at this time).

Edit: I actually have one more 4* troop than originally reported. Added screenshots.

Also also both accounts pulled another 4* each from the free ETT recruits quest reward today (Jan 4)! Whoo!

Main (7 months) = 10 4* no green :

Alt (2 months) = 3 4*:

All from free tokens

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I guess i should say, all of my troops came from epic troop tokens. I’ve never used gems for a summons in that portal.



All from free epic troop tokens


Hmmm i dont know how many tokens i used, but i never used gems on troops.
Playing 4 Months and have 1 4 star troop so far.

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For me from 39 pulls only 2 4* and the other 37 3*, so a little over 5% for me. Very bad actually xD

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Very happy for you and even sadder than before :tired_face:

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I think I’m pretty lucky with 4* troops

especially as a f2p(0€).

Edit: +1 4* mana troop


Here’s what I got in about a year of playing (all from tokens)



And another f 3* fail…

After almost a year of play, I have 4 4* Troops, 1 Yellow, 2 Blue, and 1 Green. All came from ETT collected throughout the year. Trying to get myself a rainbow team, I saved enough Gems to do a 10X Troop Pull, thinking, perhaps I could shore up some red and purple 4s or even duplicate 4s won’t be so bad (dangerous way of thinking). So I have acquired enough Gems while traveling abroad and not heeding Threepio’s warnings to Artoo about trusting strange computers, I did my 10X Troop pull from abroad, out came… 10 x 3 and I think 5 of them are identical.

That 10% sure is an evil 10%.

Probably never going to do a 10X Troop Pull again.


Paid for pulls until I have at least rainbow 4* troops. Just remembered one of the lucky 10x pull I had 3x 4* troops. This is one of the basic things I feel should have and is worth to pay for it since 4* is much better than a 3* and it can be used on your whole roster. Higher worth than heroes.

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