Moving on up

I am going to take a minute to brag.

After a little over 10 months I have cracked the top 10 (I’m Scott in game) locally in Portugal and the top 500 globally.

Patience really pays off in this game and if you keep at it and learn to play with what you are dealt it is possible.


A big shoutout to the forum. Everyone here has helped me in some way. Whether I just read your post or we interact with replies. Thank you! See you at the top! :slight_smile:



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Awesome job, congrats! :blush:

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Thanks guys.

I just wanted to share as progress is good to see from players out of the top alliances (no offense to them at all they earned their spots) for newbies and some who think you need a boatload of cash to compete.


Just hit 2718 cups

#6 in Portugal and #187 global

Let’s see where I am in the morning lol


Congrats on your achievement.

It seems we started playing around the same time and I remember us giving each other encouragements on progress and hero pulls. However, you’d probably never see me in the top spot because of our different styles of playing, I don’t spend $ on the game and don’t raid (my Wanted Hero Chest has been filled 2 times since started playing in January, only because the game forced me to raid in order to progress in the season 1 map).

Hope you enjoy your top spot and continue the love for the game.

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Congats.Thats awesome! It’s also inspiring n motivational. Thanks 4 sharing & good luck holding n climbing higher

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Congrats. :+1:

Could you please show your team.

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Sure, here is my defense team and the team I have been raiding with for some time.

I do remember our talks quite well. I think it was TC13 when we were hoping for better heros.

I haven’t spent as much as I did in the beginning to get more heros. It still isn’t anything compared to others.

Why don’t you raid? It is quite fun imo.

Thanks……unfortunately I am missing the 5*'s in my rooster. It seems your were quite lucky when you summoned your 5* heroes. :smile:

Yeah I did get quite lucky. I’m not F2P but don’t spend a lot. Mostly cheap gem deals for summons.

Well I hit #1 in Portugal yesterday. About #130 globally.

I must be doing something right if I get raided by #1 overall globally.

Had another alliance member hit #5 globally yesterday too. I guess it is a little competition.

If your looking for an alliance we have a couple openings. Just killed our first 8* last night. “Emma Strikes Back” is the name and Zippo is our leader.

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