Moves go undetected very often

I have to say I was experiencing this earlier than Starfall too, but Circus did make it worse.

As I’ve said elsewhere I have a condition that makes brain-hand coordination somewhat tricky which is why I have a very good sense of tempo when playing the game.
It’s been a while since my “muscle memory” of timing has been thrown off.

When the off-rhythm was limited I was thinking it had to be my device, but Starfall made it obvious it had something to do with the app.

As reliable as “feelings” are, I’m 100% sure this started before Circus - although Circus dynamics might have already been in the code and we simply couldn’t access them.
I know this might be labelled as speculation but I also know it’s very unlikely - but still, my brain.

Thanks everybody for your feedback, it feels good not to be hallucinating :rofl:


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