Moves go undetected very often

Well, I don’t know if it’s me - everything works fine in any other context/game - but lately the game doesn’t detect A LOT of moves, be them tile switching, tile selecting or special skills.

Anyone else facing the same issue?

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Yes… but I assumed it’s because of my screen as it seems localised to the bottom of the play area… and I drop my phone a LOT



I thought this is a new “feature” of the game…

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I only experience that in the Starfall event. It seems like there is a slight delay after certain moves.


I agree, that’s something I’ve noticed too

Can confirm as well, seems like the game has slowed a little during the last days… Sometimes i notice some stuttering when moving my base as well.

Yeah me too. Thought it was my device. Rebooted a few times now. Still glitchy at times

Yes! I lost a war raid because of this. It doesn’t detect the edges of my screen, and I have also been resetting my device, but I think it is the game now I have seen these as doesn’t happen on any other apps

@Petri 20 characters

I think it’s the Starfall counter increasing, simply because I can’t think of anything else.

I started missing specials so you’re onto something :thinking:

Agree. I’ve had several in the last day fail to fire. I did get an android system update yesterday so maybe related? Android, Samsung galaxy9, AT&T?

Yes, localised to Starfall for me too. It’s like it is activating the star fall, but then it doesn’t happen.

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Thanks for the reports. We will investigate this here. I will update if/when I know more.


Oh yeah I have noticed it. This happens in Starfall so instead of getting my gem i get a 3 tile hit instead due to the delay. This also happens I have noticed with Underwild heros and their Underwild Gems. When one spawns there is a delay, which causes the same issue for me.

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The major things i’ve noticed it around is using S4 heroes and the underwild gems. Their appearance and firing seems to interrupt input, really slowing the flow of firing off specials.


Maybe the beta testers would find this stuff if we bothered to play around in beta any more.

And maybe, just maybe, we’d log into beta and play more if our feedback was considered valuable, and not tossed into a complaint box and set on fire.

I agree with @yelnats_24, there is a distinct delay playing Starfall that doesn’t happen elsewhere: whenever the stars fall or a boss is killed, it’s like any screen presses are ignored from the moment the previous turn ends until the animation/sound is over.

i’m going to assume this is intentional. if the stars fell and you weren’t expecting it, you definitely might not make the same move as before. at first i was annoyed, then i realized that it’s probably a good thing actually. not sure why this delay happens when you kill one of the bosses, but it seems like the same delay to me.

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When certain enemies die the Circus challenge event it waits for the animation to fully complete before allowing further tile moves, which is typically not the case. It’s not more than about 0.5-0.7 seconds but since you’re playing fast to beat the clock it seems like forever.

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I noticed this happening before starfall. I haven’t really been paying attention because I thought it was just me having shaky fingers

It might have something to do with the S4 special tiles (sorry I forget what they’re called)

This really messes me up when I’m used to doing things in quick succession because I’ll do the sequence before realizing the first one didn’t register.

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