Movement to bottom after a post in forum, prefer to stay in thread

When we reply in the forum it take you out of the thread and adds your post to the bottom. This takes me out of where I was reading and I have to scroll back to teh posts to get back into the thread. Is this something that could be fixed or is there a way to reply without having it pull me out of the thread?

3rd party

This is 3rd part software

you would have to contact them.

My quick search gets swamped with update posts.

Temporary forum bookmarks

  • you could forum bookmark the reply

  • post your reply to the topic

  • Then go to your profile >> activity >> bookmark

  • Go to the forum bookmarked reply

  • remove forum bookmark


I’m not getting it to work right now but usually I see a little icon in the upper right corner. It’s a reply symbol that says he I’m replying to. If hit that, it brings me back to the post responses to.


That only works when the reply is 5+ above.
Edit: or not.

And sometimes not even then on mobile devices.
Edit: mobile is weird.

Edit: Quoting gives you an arrow to the quoted posts.


I only use mobile and haven’t noticed an issue til today. Didn’t know about the 5 post limit. That helps explain why my attempts did not work above.

Try quoting


Quotes are how I typically reply and return to where I was too. I also prefer quoting when replying anyway, unless I’m replying to a post directly or nearly directly above mine, so anyone reading my post has context.


When I quote I think the same thing happens. I generally reply to a post in a thread of several dozen or hundred even and then get sent to the last post. I try to remember the post number and can get back to it but I wanted to know if there was an easy way to do it. The process with marking it seems about as good as just scrolling back up. It isn’t a huge issue just thought if it was possible to stop it would be nice. I reply on mobile as well through the website on occasion but usually I just have the little app that opens it directly.
Not a huge deal just was looking for a little way to save time. Thanks for the attempts to fix.

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