Movement delay around base after opening app


Since the last update I get a momentary delay after I open up the game. This happens both on the game app, and the beta app, but it is minor on the beta app (a split second vs. 3 seconds).

I am on ios 11.4, version 1.13.1 build 404.

More specifics:

I open the app, can move freely around the base for a few seconds, then I can’t for a few seconds - the screen is basically frozen and if I swipe I go nowhere. Then after 3 seconds it goes back to normal and then, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t happen again.


The energy of the titanium disappears by itself, please sort it out. This happened on June 21 at approximately 6.45 Moscow time. android 7.0.

This happened to me in game during farming 8-7 today. Locked up for a few seconds and then resumed as normal.

This is what is happening with me as well.

Hey :wink:

I‘ve the same problem. Shortly after starting the app freeze for about 3 seconds. I suspect it is related to loading the chat system or the Game Center.
@mhalttu @Petri please help us :smiley:

iOS-Version 11.4

I’m having the same problem too…

@Petri, I have another problem. My internet is fine, i can log my social media, emails, Empires forum but the game is always going down…

This still is happening to me and now I am seeing some slight delays while farming, split second stuff, but it’s obviously there compared to the prior version.

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