Move LB button

I propose the Limit Break button be moved to a different place on hero cards.

It’s located in the same place on a finished hero as ‘level up’ is on an unfinished hero, and as such is very easy to do accidentally when you’re moving quickly while feeding and have simply clicked on the wrong hero.

So…who did you limit break?

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I accidentally limit broke Scarlett that way. I already had costume bonus and several emblems, so I went ahead and emblemed her the rest of the way, so her attack is over 1000 and her defense isn’t QUITE as pathetic (still pathetic, though), so not a total bust of a mistake. She definitely would not have been a contender for limit break at this time, though. It makes me feel compelled to use her sometimes when I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Don’t get me wrong-I love Scarlett, but as far as 4*s, she cut in line in front of at least Wilbur and Guardian Falcon and would probably have been farther back than that. I also accidentally limit broke Treevil, however I was pretty much planning on probably breaking him anyway, so no biggie.

I broke scarlet as well but on purpose. I was using her costume for the poison but now her hit is so strong I like her more. And yeah her defense is horrible like Elena.

Yeah, I wasn’t upset because like I said, she’s great and now her attack stat is through the roof. There are other heroes I would have been not-too-happy to have accidentally limit broke. She just jumped the queue is all.

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