Move game from computer to phone

One of my alliancemates computer broke :slightly_frowning_face: so he would like to move his account frim his computer to his phone.

Is there a way to do this? :thinking:

Thanks, amrath

If it’s an android emulator to an android phone, simply login on the new device in the registered Google Play account (same for iOS to iOS)

If it is android to iOS (or vice versa) he’ll probably need to borrow a device of the same type as his computer & login on that device (and download the app) then follow the instructions here:


Thanx, Guv. Much appreciated

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May I add that it might be that your friend has to play the introduction first…then he can log in with his account. Afterwards he should have his normal progress.
So it was when I changed the device…

Only if you’re switching from Android/iOS

If you’re staying on the same system logging in will retrieve all progress :slight_smile:

Nope…had a new phone. Both were Android. Installed game to new phone, started and had to do the introduction. After I did all the things you are forced to do, I could log in with my google account.

Huh odd. Didn’t have to do that with my alt… :man_shrugging:

Maybe I’m just delusional :stuck_out_tongue: has been known to happen lol

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Guess root cause is the fact that the game does not ask for any google account when it starts but you are leaded directly into this “force mode” were you cannot get out of. Don’t know if this is different with an IOS device, maybe.

I’ll have to find out if he’s switching systems or staying with the same type. :thinking:

I found that as well, but if you log into the game center first on your phone you don’t have to repeat everything

Source: New phone, who dis?


Checked the above referenced site (that topic is now closed) and it left me with a few questions:

How do you link your game to Google Play? Or facebook? Can you do so after you’ve been playing awhile?

And how do you check to see if you’re already linked? I dont think I linked with facebook, but you never know. Not even sure I linked at all. :thinking:

Inquiring as I don’t want to risk the same thing happening to me. :wink:

If the computer is no longer usable it will be difficult to check. If you’re friend logs into the Google Play Games (Green triangle with a game controller) they can open the game and see if they open with their account active. That all I can really suggest.

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