Move account between apple ids

How can I move an E&P account from one apple id to another?

I know I can move it between android and apple, but need to switch to a new apple id.

I play the game on Android and let my child play on the iPad, now the child is getting it’s own iPad and I’d like to transfer the progress to the newly created apple id.

Game Center

I played on both my personal and work phone (both iPhones). Each has its own Apple ID. It’s connected through game center. I just upgraded my work phone recently and had to log in to game center to get this game back.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and reply.

But I don’t want to continue using my apple game center for the child, I’d like to move the progress it has made to it’s own game center for the new I’d.

I figured since it is possible to move game progress between apple and android one should be able to move the game progress between apple ids.

If I would use my apple id to log into the game center on the child’s ipad, would it not have to stay that way ? The game progress must be tied to the apple id?

I think you will have to get in touch with the SGG support team for this.

It may take a couple attempts to get across what you’re wanting to do and why but I think they will be the only ones who can really help with this.

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