Mountaineer WV is recruiting!

No, you don’t have to love mountains, or to be from West Virginia! We are actually an international alliance, looking for some active players - but without very strict rules. So a bit casual as well. However, this is what’s required:

  1. All war flags used if opted in. We recently had to let go 5 inconsistent players, because of few unfortunate defeats with flags being left on the table. So, that’s why I’m here. :see_no_evil:

  2. Hit titans daily. Score is not that important as the effort itself. When full, kicking 11* titans.

  3. Having a rough RL time? No problem, drop a line in chat and opt out of wars. We’ll patiently wait for you to come back.

Some of us use discord, so it is an option. We coordinate tanks (GREEN atm), but being all over the globe, we attack when we can.

The rest of the time, chilling and having fun. There are few colourful characters, so check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What colour tank are you on

Switched to green couple of weeks ago. Started to track what options people have, and that’s the strongest atm. :slight_smile:

Interested in joining your alliance. How can we connect?

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Trying to look you up in the alliance list but can’t find you.
What country are you based in please

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There’s space, Mountaineer WV

It’s invite only, but you can check us out. Anyway, all questions will be answered. :slight_smile:

I’m at Discord as well: Slobix#2258
Line is simply: slobix

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4 more to go, looking stronger every day. :wink:

The war is over, time to fill up 3 more places! Join the winning team! :wink:

Hey, now when AR madness is over, we still need few brave soldiers! Meet us, get to know us and fight with us! :slight_smile:

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