Mount umber: didn't get my rings

For the second time while playing this game, I’ve earned rings and didn’t receive them. I completed mount umber this morning and still only have two sets of rings, the same number I started with. I should technically be at 4 sets. The first time it happened I was upset but know that games glitch so got over it. I spent two refills to finish the challenge and was never rewarded the rings for completion.

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Have you sent a ticket to support? It is great to post here so that if others are having the same issue then we can all be aware that there is a glitch to watch out for/avoid. But ultimately you need someone to look directly at your account to find out what has gone wrong. Horrible thing to happen though :frowning:


I did, this was my first time reporting an issue so I posted here before I sent the ticket, not realizing there were two different processes. But thank you for making sure my bases were covered!


I went in to Mount Umber with 3 mystic rings, completed the final teir, pressed claim on my rings and dragon bone but, it us not reflecting what should’ve been my 4th mystic rings.

@Cepha if you haven’t already, I recommend contacting Support directly:

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Thanks Zephyr, I did.


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