Mount Umber and Challenge Event at the same time... again


Ok, not much of a need for a description here.

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That’s not cool, please stop doing this. This is just a slap in the face to your player base. You had weeks leading up to this to drop another rare quest, and instead, just like last month, you dropped one in the middle of the event.


I already wrote something about that issue in “Challenge Event Feedback”. Chances are that they read it there.


Business is business. They need to bring in the most revenue they can. I don’t mind having free ascension items, just wish they have these quest more often.



The Challenge event is 3+ days, plenty of time and that’s without using map flasks.


It’s not impossible, it’s just piss poor timing. If it were impossible to do both, people would a great deal more upset. This is just a pain by comparison. I didn’t say it couldn’t be done, I said it was rude on their part and poorly planned. People complained last time as well.


Sorry, but I can’t see a problem. How long is the quest available? I think 20 or 24 hours. And the challenge lasts over 3 days. So, that’s not enough time to do both? Sorry, but can’t agree!


I have to admit it takes a bit of hype away from the Challenge since I feel I gotta postpone the fun to do the quest (obviously need the items) and the newly appeared gems quest at all. I mean, it’s not a problem per se, but I’d be enjoying the quest more when I wasn’t eager to try the event and I’d be enjoying the event… well, during the event.

This way fun stuff is crammed into 3 days and then there’s a month of snoozing.


Surely the timing is at least… suspect.
Just don’t understand why.


‘Enjoying’ the event. Ha Ha.
I can think of lots of words to describe my emotions during an event. I don’t think ‘Enjoyment’ makes the list.


P.S.) Mirror @Penari 's thoughts on this. I got annoyed to see the first Rare quest in ages appear at the same time as the Challenge event… AND they throw in a Gem quest at the same time.

Can’t help thinking the Devs like to wear leather all body suits with zippered face masks from time to time… seem to confuse ‘enjoyment’ with ‘frustration’ all too often :thinking::wink:


I don’t know, so far the event’s been just fine for me. Nothing frustrating. Seems much more “gentle” in a way than the previous way, I enjoy this month’s tuning more so far.

I agree it should definitely not come together with the rare quest, there’s way too many days outside of the event for that. I suspect it’s to coax people into buying world energy flasks? I don’t know.


Well it’s possible to do both. But having weeks doing the usual farming and quests I would like to have the rare quests when I’m bored on the daily farming and not during an event.


I hope they bring out the green quest Shrikewood tomorrow so I can get a tonic as well. I haven’t played the event yet because of lack of world energy. :frowning:


Did the previous event mirror the effect of the special attack as well as the damage for the reflect defense?
Can’t say I noticed that in the previous event, but certainly realised it this time around.

This time it has rendered my holy hero largely unplayable and had to swap out for a 2nd green. Man, that was ‘fun’. :smirk:


We did not do this intentionally. The rarity of a new quest is chosen randomly. It is just bad luck that a rare quest happened to be generated at the same time as the challenge event - again!

I have created a ticket about improving the quest generation logic so that a rare quest cannot be generated when a challenge event is active.


Its a “good” problem to have haha!

I must admitt I sort of like getting the rare at the same time as event, it makes me feel like a child in a candy store!


No problem as long as the rare quest is generated after the event quest :smile:


Please do not negatively alter the frequency of rare quests as a result of a few complaints on the forums.

The event is over 3 days in length, that’s over 432 energy generated during that time of which Mt. Umber is around 15% and that’s assuming all levels are cleared, and then what is left over is plenty to clear all three Challenge difficulties and even retry levels on the assumption that someone is taking the shot anyway (and those that are, typically are burning flasks making this entire discussion moot)… and fwiw I don’t know anyone that’s trying to place on all 3, and only 2 people making a real shot at both Advanced and Intermediate.

This just really isn’t a big concern, and I would hate for us to lose 10+% of the spawn chances of a rare quest as a result of these complaints.


I agree with the sentiment of ‘this is a good problem to have;’ isn’t this what everyone is asking for? They are delivering, just all at the same time :slight_smile:


I can agree with this sentiment. To be honest, if it hurts the overall number of rare quests we get, I’d rather no changes be made. But, I will strongly note that not all “random” things are random in the same manner. Somethings no doubt have a sort of either internal cool down or timer, so that we don’t three back to back rare quests, or so that we don’t get three of the same rare quest in a row. I’m not saying that’s the case, just that ‘randomly chosen’ can mean a LOT of things, especially given that we know the generation logic is more complex than simple RNG.