Mother North with a second healer?

Hey everyone,

I just pulled MN and am wondering how I should tailor my defence to make room for her. I currently run :

Triton +6, Boldtusk +7, Ursena +4, Poseidon +2, Caedmon +6

So MN would replace caedmon and shift to the to make :

MN , Boltusk +7, Ursena +4, Poseidon +2, Triton +6

Now my question is is boldtusk and Mn overkill and would it be better to bring an extra hitter instead?

As far as alternatives go I don’t have any other levelled 5* heroes. I could level a captain kestrel but other than that I don’t have many good red hitters as of right now.

Thoughts? Keep boltusk or look for a damage dealing alternative?

Kestrel is a great flank. Fires just in time to catch a lot of mana charged enemies. Indeed, BT would only soften your defensive line-up on left side. But until you will level Kestrel, BT should be just fine.

P.S. For one, I rarely I am the adept for a healer in a defensive line-up (I set in mine, only lethal fast and very fast). 2 healers are too easy win for an experienced player. The only healer I would use in my defense is Ariel or MN. And unfortunately I have none of those.

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