Mother North vs Alberich: are they about equal or is one better?

The title pretty much says it all. If I pull for these seasonal heroes it would only be for Mother North, and since the chance of getting her is so small she’d have to be much better than Alby for me to bother trying. I don’t have Alby, mind you, but there is so much going on this month and so many heroes that I want, he and she are just not on the top of my list. However, since she’s a once-a-year hero, I’m considering pulling anyway.

Now that i rambled some, does anyone know the answer to this question NOT based on Mother North’s beta version?


Alby I [personally] love, so for those without him, she’s definitely worth chasing after for the resurrection. If you already had Alby (which it sounds like you don’t), I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what to do with Mother North (since I also have Alby) right now, so I’m going to follow this thread to find out :sweat_smile:


This has to be the shortest post from you I have seen. If your not sure that I don’t know who is…:slight_smile:


I don’t own any of them so take my opinion with some salt.
North’s resurrection has much higher chance, so she’s potentially more annoying. My strategy when raiding is to take down alby as soon as the tank is down. Now north is harder to kill, as her stat is more defensive, and worse with minion.

So my vote goes to Mother north.


I wonder, though, if she will be more difficult to face or just more annoying. Albi not only resurrects, but he then gives them mana boost and hp recovery for the next few turns. So if you dont immediately kill the resurrected they can become pretty strong again and move beyond just a nuisance.

Mother North, on the other hand, may have a better chance of resurrecting the fallen, but they look more like paper tigers compared to Albi’s resurrected.

Definitely curious to see a head-to-head of the two and what the community consensus is.


Yes, alby mana help is gong to be annoying. But there are many times I kill him in raid before he can fire or he only fired once after tank is dead and most of the time he does not resurrect the tank.
Now I can imagine I will have a much harder time killing off north, so she will almost always fired at least once, add to those pesky minions it just make the rest of the team harder to kill. Many times sh*t happen when you are focusing on killing a particular hero and that hero refuses to die.


I can see both sides of this argument:

  • The stats on Alberich and Mother Winter are important. MW is very tanky. She will be much more of a challenge to take down. MW+1
  • MW has a 50% resurrection chance vs 33%. MW+1
  • Alberich brings heroes back with more HP (even counting the minion. Alby+1
  • Alberich’s buffs get newly resurrected back into the game more quickly. Alby+1
  • MW’s minions add offensive teeth to her. MW+1.
  • Alby’s effects can be swept away by debuff heroes. Gobbler unwinds Mother’s cast (including any resurrected), but Gobbler is fragile and rarely found. MW+1

So have I just convinced myself that she’s better than Alberich? I think so. But if you already have Alberich, I think they’re similar enough that tonics will be better spent elsewhere in most cases.

I didn’t test in beta a MW+Alby team. That could be really annoying.


I’d vote Alberich is better. Mother north has a higher chance to revive, but they come back with less HP and they don’t benefit from MN’s heal whereas when Alberich brings heroes back, they come back with more HP and get an immediate uptick for health and mana. People fire Alberich off when they attack even with full health and no dead heroes just for his mana over time and heal over time. He also has a better attack stat. That being said, I want mother north lol


I think that Mother North is probably better. So I have Alby and I use him on my defense team currently, so I do love Alby, but bear with me:

Alby has a 33% chance to revive with 23% health. Mother North has a 50% chance to revive with 10% health BUT also another 10% health from the minion, so that’s 50% chance to get a hero with essentially 20% health. Point to Mother North (MN).

Alby heals 612 HP over 4 turns. MN heals 30% health. If a hero has 1300 health (probably about average for a maxed 5 star), that’s 390 health back without any troop considerations. BUT she also gives you a minion worth 10%. So that’s basically 40%. That’s 520 health coming back at once functionally. (And lets be honest, there’s no hero that gobbles minions worth putting in - gobbler just isn’t going to be in your attack team). So it’s 520 health at once or 612 over 4 turns. Point to MN (2-0)

Both are slow - that’s a tie.

MN stats - 605 attack, 819 def, 1462 health. Alby - 725/741/1277. Considering that you’re looking at a healer/tank, there’s no question that MN is better here too. Point to MN. (3-0)

Alby gives mana and MN does not. This helps the rest of your team and probably moreso than does the attack of minions. Point to Alby (3-1).

SO - if you have Alby, maybe MN is very overlapping. It’s unfortunate that she is a green hero because the overlap is severe with the revival and healing specials, but MN is clearly better. For me, this means MN in and Alby out. Loss of 6 tonics as I’m unlikely to really have much use for Alby now. Yea, you can say war, but I’m not so sure. Not enough teams favoring blue to make it worthwhile.

Win to Mother North.



You’re probably right that if you have Alby and limited tonics, maybe there are better uses… but also if you used alby in your defense team, maybe you want MN… It’s definitely an upgrade. Depends on what you value, but my attack teams without Evelyn weren’t hurting, so maybe she can go into a stack as a 3/70 and be effective for the sake of the buff anyway… I always like to push heroes that will change my bottom line on the defense team and that’s exactly why I may take up MN despite my Alby…

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You mentioned the minions more than once like this. You misunderstand the text of the minions. They inherit 10% HP from their owner, they don’t give the owner any health. If your hero has 1000 HP the minion will start with 100 HP, that’s it.


So if the hero revives, he gets 10%. Plus there is a minion, which has 10% (I understand it as 10% of the hero’s max health). That sounds like functionally 20%. I understand 10% of that isn’t in the heroes health bar, but functionally…


Well it’s really 10% from the caster, so it’s 10% from MN who is a tank.


I’m not sure why you think it’s functionally 20%. The minion doesn’t act as a shield, the hero will take tile damage through the minion.

minions seem to act like shields in every battle i’ve ever been in… Example - if panther and Sartana both have specials ready and I fire them both at a hero with a minion, whereas that hero normally dies, he/she does not as the minion seems to absorb some of the hit. Now you could argue that Alby has healing over time so he keeps healing the revived player in which case I’ll make it 3-2

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Yes Albi’s heal over time is a huge swing over to his favour. He has a better chance to revive a hero and actually bring them back into the game. Revives them with 23% HP and they get an immediate heal upon revival. Mother north only bringing them back with 10% HP and no healing seems like it’s not very good on defense IMHO. what’s the highest HP stat in the game? Let’s call it 1600. So she revives this hero with 160 HP and no immediate heal. I mean a single tile will kill that hero lol


Mother north seems like a better offensive hero than defensive.

I actually love Alby, because that healing over time and mana generation. Huge help for titans. Reviving is cool too, but those other abilities make him more useful to me than Mother North.


It does matter how you use him - that is a good point. He has different uses than Mother North, but they are similar

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Perhaps someone else can weigh in on the minions - my understanding was that minions shielded the underlying hero