Mother north revives dead heroes after the defeat

So i was raiding to fill up the heroes chest,i reached 37
I raided one more time i killed 3 hearoes
I was left with 1 hero, the opponent turn joon went off killed my last standing hero but next to him there is MN her mana was full she went off and revived the 3 dead after the defeat was announced and ofc my chest count didnt increase and stayed at 37
I know this old stupid “glitch or bug or maybe the devs put the code line like this to mess up the points in wars…i dont know” but healers need to stop going off after the defeat is announced,and its been like this since forever
Its not that hard to fix your dam* game
Its riddled with bugs


this isn’t a bug. it’s fully intended.

the flag isn’t over until one (or both, in some cases) of either the defense or the offense has no heroes when its turn comes up. the defense’s turn needs to fully be taken before the game goes back to the offense, at which point you get the “defeat” icon because you have no heroes with which to take your turn and make a tile move. it’s also why the flag abruptly ends if you lose to a riposte, for example, even if the board still has three-match combos to complete.

because the defense needs to finish its turn, it will resolve any special skills. attack heroes won’t fire because there are no targets, but healers will fire because there are always targets as long as at least one hero is alive. this is how it’s always been, and it’s fully intended. act accordingly.


Intended or not
The match must stop once the defeat prompt is on the screen
Its like in a boxe fight your opponent is ko and you still punching him and scream its intended its intended

I played some games similar everything stops after the defeat or the win
No turns,no combos

It’s not different titans. If you’ve triggered the board, and somehow have filled all your heroes SS, the Titan does their move, should all of the heroes fire? No.

I see as a lazy coding
I play since 2017…i’ve seen lots of things in this game and one thing im sure the devs whent it comes to improve QOL they are so slow but when it comes to deals and new heroes they are so fast
Defeat,win mean stop
Combos stop when the win is announced
Its simple…do this on healers
They are no exception

Titans hit after the 0 counter is also a bad coding or lazy coding since the very start
Lots of similar games have improved and didnt copy these mistakes from e&p

Anyway…the thing that let the devs care less about the community is " its ok deal with it…its ok devs are right…devs do it on purpose…"
Lots of things need to change for the better …well i know the devs wont change and wont read me…i needed to talk about it
Post close…i see this will go no where but the forum cemetery

I agree how annoying it is but I understand why.
You had your turn, it’s only fair they have their EQUAL turn

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Your described situation in OP has happened many times in RAiDs / Wars / Tournaments….

Amazed that you have missed this despite claiming to play since 2017.

There is nothing wrong in any coding… as far as my experience of the OP situation goes.

It is just annoying aspect of the play experience… which is one of the many intended … experiences of having MoNo as a hero in this game…:exclamation:


I agree. Its stupid.

The titan hitting after the bell is stupid too.


I didnt miss it
I even did memes about it years ago
Just wanted to point since the game is dealing with too many bugs lately
And its not supposed to happen
A fight when it ends its done no heroes should go off
You take everything coded by the devs as a true/must be like that whithout questionning thats devs are humans too and they are prolly mistaken?
Like i said my post will change nothing it was a rant

After the ring there are no turns left…but SG has its own logic

it’s SG’s game. they write (and rewrite) the rules. if the behavior is inconsistent somewhere, that might be worth bringing up as a bug, but absent inconsistency across games modes, i don’t see why the match “must” stop and no other actions be taken when the offense’s heroes are all defeated.*

i’ve played at least two other match-3s similar to this one. there’s plenty to complain about with SG and this game, but one of the things i appreciate is the ironclad logic of the turn order and rules of progression in various circumstances across game modes. yes, it sucks to learn the hard way that you can lose a flag and watch Mother North revive allies after you’re already dead, but after that first time, you know what to do in the future. other games don’t apply their internal logic as consistently.

*there was (and possibly still is?) one visual bug where the “defeat” screen would come up while Kalø was firing his special skill. the effects would still resolve normally, but (e.g., in Rush) you’d be getting hit with dead Alfrike cubes behind the “defeat” announcement.

I agree it’s stupid… but it’s also not one of the most annoying things in this game. I can live with it

I feel your pain but it is supposed to happen because that’s the way they’ve coded it. How other games work is how other games work. Using that as an excuse is like saying your new partner must be exactly like your ex partner because that’s what you like. It’s a ridiculous statement. No disrespect intended but If you want to play a game which works exactly like another game you have played then your only option is to go back to playing that game.

Still a bit surprised that you haven’t come to terms with this yet have apparently been playing the game since 2017.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

They should nerf mother north.

And titans.

And give me insta-wins.

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Times up should be time up, battle ends…no more hitting/action from neither side…the contrast had been the case in this game since inception…should the Devs do anything? Well, left for them if they really care!