Mother North revived heroes staying after war battle?

First off - I have no proof of this, nor did I see it myself. One of my alliance members asked why Mother North’s revived heroes stuck around for the next battle when Alberich’s did not. I suppose that they could have been alive at the beginning of that particular battle and she was confused, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone saw the same thing.

Without seeing it for myself, I’m thinking it’s not so much the hero but about when the revived heroes died.

Scenario 1: An enemy team is hit 3x. On the first hit, Perseus is killed. On the second hit, MN revives Perseus. Based on how healing is applied in multiple hits, I would assume Perseus would not be alive for the 3rd hit.

Scenario 2: On any hit, Perseus is killed. On the same hit, MN revives him. Perseus should be alive for the next hit (assuming poor Perseus is not killed again during the same fight).

I’d welcome correction in this if someone had specific knowledge. :laughing:


My understanding is that either Alby or North can’t revive anyone killed in a previous war battle. That would impact the overall score assigned to that enemy/ally.

I think @LadySuzanne and @jmk_96 are right, this is an example of the “you can’t leave a team stronger than you found it” rule:

EDIT: Per @Kerridoc, leaving open as potential bug.

I’ll leave this open because, if the OP is correct and MN’s resurrection behaves differently than Alberich’s, as was reported, that’s a bug.

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The way Alby works is fair and I appreciate the fact that he was changed from how it worked originally. My point was that one of my members believed Mother did resurrect someone that was already dead and they stayed on the board. I did not witness it and she could be mistaken, so my report was as much a question as anything, but it could be a bug.

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