Mother North revive is no where near 50%

Mother North revives at a rate of 1% for me. I just finished a level on legendary Avalon where I used Mother North. Lost Merlin early on because I couldn’t get a single green match in the first round and Mother North was my only haler. The second round I finally got green tiles to show and between the second and third round I fired Mother North 10 times and she finally brought Merlin back on the 10th. No other hero was killed in the fight. She only brought him back as I was making the finishing strike on Sir Lancelot for the win. This happens every time I fight with Mother North. I get one revive from her out of every 10-15 attempts. However when I fight against her she revives at least one but mostly the whole team every time. The only reason I fight Mother North is for her revive but when she only actually revives 1 out or every 10-15 attempts what’s the point. Without that she’s just another average healer and almost completely useless.

For avalon, I’d just go mono green, burn some battle items, and not even see the stage bosses fire a single special.

I don’t have MN so idk what she’s like offensively

I know defensively she’s pretty consistent when it comes to reviving

Your right it’s more like 75%. She revives heris in defense more often than not.

This is an incredible statement and warrants substantiation. Please present your full log of tracked data so we can see your actual results and sample size.

Also, how is this an Idea or Feature Request?


I have MN and her revive work good, sometimes she don’t revive enyone but many time he revive my 4 dead heroes.
% chance is always very, VERY random.


Had her revive the other 4 for me yesterday in a raid.

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That’s pretty impressive, since she’s slow mana. Even ghosting all those tiles, you’d have needed 60 green tiles between those two rounds, which is almost two complete boards worth of just green tiles.

But since you likely weren’t ghosting all of them, it must have been more like 90-120 tiles, which is 2.5 to 3.5 full boards worth of green tiles.

Unless the green tiles were radically more than 20% in this fight, that would mean you had to go through somewhere between 10 and 17.5 full board replacements worth of tiles in 2 rounds.

Not to put too fine a point on it, that’s a lot of tiles.

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The last two rounds where amazing green boards, unfortunately MN was my only green hero so the tiles weren’t doing a great deal of damage per tile.

Good, make Mother North revive 0% if you ask me, good riddance.

Lol, I agree, until I get her and she can work for me reduce MN’s revive to 5%. I’ll let you know when I have her so you can increase it again, lol.

She revives way too often mist times.

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