Mother north or zeline?

Hey all looking for advice on my next 5* green ill include my rooster to help everyone see my options I just am leaning for the alby and mother combo but zeline so good help please lets get a good debate on who can help my line up best :wink:


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your roster is great…

depends on what you want…

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Defence raid team and war
What in looking for

then mother-alby combo as healers in spots 1 5; gm to protect one of them in spot 2/4
and the rest your choice :slight_smile:

p.s. hell you can do…

mother - gm - magni - zim - alby

green - red - blue - red - green :slight_smile:

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lol… you have too many good heroes… im surprised you dont have redhood and guin

5 healers would be best :)))

Both of them escape me lol can’t have em all lol. So would u lean toward mother as well

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With what you have I would for sure do Zeline. It’s rare in this game to have the opportunity to upgrade your defense. Plus with Zeline she can be used alot on offense for raids and war. She does well on titans all the way up to 12*. Zeline is a prize, so feel confident when you hit that ascend button on her!!

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Zeline in a heartbeat. You have Alberich. Zeline is a superb hero in just about every facet of the game. MN is much more niche, and Alby already feels most of that niche well.

No Evelyn yet? Are you doing more pulls in Atlantis this month? Evelyn is another great Nature 5*.


I see several tough defense teams on your roster. Personally I don’t use a healer for defense much. So if it was me I would use GM as my tank flanked by Zeline and Magni on each side. Then Drake and Sartana in the corners. That team will hold a high trophy count without messing with it much. As time goes, I think Ageir is becoming a better tank than most thought he would be. Can always try him as your tank for awhile too. Using GM and Zeline as the direct flanks. You have a solid roster started, keep up the good work!!


No Evelyn ill pull a little on Atlantis

Nice points thank u blazin1

Glad I could help. I know how it is when faced with that big decision on who to give those hard earned mats to. Wish I would have asked more myself when I started about 18 months ago. Good luck with it! Your definitely headed in the right direction

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I’m pretty sure zeline I’m more confident now in her. I’m sure ill get the chance to let my graves tear up someone else’s mother ably combo in raiding

only zeline for attack team

I second this. Definitely do Zeline since you have Alberich at level 80 already. Nortth is great and should be maxed eventually but since you have alby she can wait after until Zeline is done.

In fact; in my personal opinion, North can wait until Zeline and then one more nature hero is completed. I’d do Lianna after Zeline. Then put Lianna, Greg, Alby, Zel, and Buddy on a titan team together.

If you get Tarlak and/or Eve from the atlantis summons you said you plan on doing then she can wait even longer


Sorry. Im just a sucker for Mother… I’d make a 5 stack Mothers on war defense :smile:

Screenshot_2018-12-18-14-13-49 Screenshot_2018-12-18-14-15-08 too fun lol

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Zeline will be my choice but that is a fun raiding team

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I know. Too stubborn to die :smile:

That is a team that i wouldnt wanna face soon… I dream someday ill have alby and mother… F2p here :smile:

5 out of 6 Halirious fun lol burn and heal also our leader has 2 hotm and f2p he is lucky one :wink: patience rewards right :wink:

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