Mother North-my grade and opinion

I have her now on 4^36
She’s healing was good, minions help a little (if you can have 2x minions in the same time its pretty good) ALWAYS take one more healer (I prefer Kiril or Rigard) her reviving save my raids many times, she is really good here
2.When I put she in my defense team my cups grow from 2100-2200 to 2250-2450 (I have only one more 5* in my defense team) she staying in my left corner
3.Christmas event, good working here but i prefer 3 reds and 2 purples for that
4.Titans (Blue ofc) I’m not scary when my heroes dying, I’m trying using her only when I must, minions wasn’t very problematic they are pretty fast when you have >8 of them
So I’m giving her A note, if you have her and you don’t sure I recomended ascend she if you doesn’t have maxed Alberich
Maybe it will help someone to decide☺
(Sorry for my english :wink:)


On the surface she seems as good or better than Alberich, at least more resilient. It’s great to have a player opinion on the heroes. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for reviewing that

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I’m hesitating leveling her up to the top ( She’s at 3 tier level 35 fully skilled) the reason is, I also got Evelyn. This is a picture of my main team. I’m not sure if I should replace Drake for Evelyn or Dalilah for Mother North. Any advice will be appreciated!