Mother North Maxed Emblems

Wondering what the general consensus is regarding mother north and maxed emblems.
Is it worth the 375 emblems to polish her off for such little return? 2% Mana gain is irrelevant. For 395 you could have another level 8 cleric.
Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I’m taking my MN to +18
IMO 2 last levels on 5* aren’t worth it, they cost too much and doesn’t changing much.


Have her on 14 but also think ill stop on 18.

2 % crit is quite okay. A critical strike can totally save your day especially on weak coloe.
2 % mana can also save your day, f.e. aftee being manaslowed and got 10% mana stolen from neith or so. Then sometimes even the 2% could make the difference between full mana and dead hero

But both chances are like… once a week.
So basically … no thanks.
But if you go in 19 you still should go all the way on 20. Just for coolness

I think the general consensus for all heroes is that levels 19/20 are mostly for the optics. I mean, they can add something, but not nearly as much value as how much you can get from advancing another hero in the same class.