Mother North in War Defense Team

Maybe it’s just me but when warring against 4500+ teams I rarely see mother north in action on defense. Just curious as to why this is or if I’m just a goofy goober and not noticing her as much anymore?

1.She is rare and hard to get

2.If you have A/A+ tank bettet surround him with fast/ heores


She’s pretty tough to land no doubt, but with all the PTP players out there I would expect to see her on the wing more often then not. Are people opting out of the revive for more of a straight heal?


Reason: Pretty similar to what @Radar1 already said.
With a sturdy and punishing tank, you want your remaining team to pile up and take out the enemy team quickly.

MN is a bit slow for the current meta, which is all about hitting as fast as possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I like slow heroes. Their specials have huge impact (and that’s why they are slow).
But for this very reason, they are targeted right from the get go.

With many fast and very fast punishing heroes on the attack, more often than not, slow heroes die first.

That’s practically a spot wasted on the defense team, and top players can’t afford that.

You can see how all these slow heroes (Alfrike, Heimdall, MN etc. ) become MVPs in the ongoing rush tournament.

So it’s not exactly about people opting for straight heal over Revive.
It’s more about Mana speed and the current meta.

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I’d say that this is because most alliances at this level use green tanks. So having a green tank and a green hero on wing would make it easier for the attacker to stack reds against the team (especially if Vela is not on the defence team).


I had Mother North at +18 but I had to reset her as soon as the meta shifted to green tanks. I gave the emblems to 3-4 Rigards because they were cheaper to emblem and the cleanse was a necessity against tough teams. Without emblems, she couldn’t be in my defense team anymore.

Besides Rigard, there are a lot of good 5* clerics (most of them are cleansers/healers): Kunchen, Ariel, Vivica, Grazul and White Rabbit, the last one is probably the best cleric and an awesome hero on defense.

I have her on defence +20 because I don’t have the green tanks :disappointed_relieved:, with mana troops of course
I maintain about 2500 cups. My defence team and war team are different (we are only a low mid war alliance and certainly don’t all have Tell or even face teams with all Tell tanks)

I find her very useful at this level. It would be different if I was trying to stay 2600-2700 I think