Mother North & Evelyn Afterthoughts

Hello everyone! Now that it’s been almost a month since those 2 wonderful Nature heroes came out, I was wondering what was your thoughts regarding Mother North & Evelyn. Did you get both & were you able to fully maxed them up or had to make a hard decision on which one will get the premium upgrades? Also, if you had to give them a grade, what will it be & why? Thank you for your feed back!

Evelyn is a difference maker against blue titans and blue tanks while raiding.

If you have Alby, I’d max him over MN. That’s my plan.

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Really sorry, I want add link to my post about Mother North but I ruined something.

Evelin can work good at 3^70 Mother North need 4^80 to shine. If you need 5* healers ascend Mother, if you need fast 5* dmg dealers ascend Eve

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I have Evelyn to 3/30 and am already seeing some great raid outcomes, especially against blue tanks. Her with Elk and Caedmon is a great fast combo

Didn’t get MN

You know what, my bad. I should thank you for linking your original post.I just realized that I had a comment there 10 days ago in it. Now, I appreciate your new feed back regarding those heroes. This topic was introduced awhile ago. Here is the original link
Mother North-my grade and opinion

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I got both to 70. I’m having to hold onto my tomes for another project.

I never got Alby so I don’t know if it’s the same, but MN has been very fun in wars. Paired with Inari, it’s almost unfair. Inari keeps everyone at full mana and MN brings anyone who dies back.

Evelyn hasn’t seen much use yet. At 70, she gets killed too fast on 10 and 11 star titans.


Thank you for your feedback. I’m sure this will help others decide which one to work on 1st. Could you please tell us which other heroes was in your main team?

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