Mother North Emblem Dilemma

I have MN (cleric) on 19 emblems, so she has hit the mana node. Is it worth the extra 250 emblems to get the 4% heal at node 20?

I personally skip 19 and 20th nodes for 5 stars and move on putting emblems on other hero’s 250 emblem will take a 5 star to 4 nodes and leave some in your hand. I plan to go back to those hero’s in a year or when i have enough emblems on all my 5 stars.


@gnikdrazil makes sense. That’s what I was thinking, but helps to hear somebody else say it.

Honestly, I have never taken a 5* hero to 20 emblems. In my honest opinion it’s just not worth it. I stick at 19

If u have OCD then yes.

+20 means perfection, completeness, wholesomeness :star_struck:


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