Mother North (and Other Revivers) Can Potentially Revive Themselves


  • Mother North is low HP with Xiaotu’s “Resist Healing” aliment.
  • MN casts special
  • MN applies 30% heal for all
  • MN dies due to damage from resist healing
  • MN revives herself with 10% HP and minion.

I don’t think self-revive should be part of her kit or at least it should be mentioned. There are other heroes who specialize on self-revive and it is clear from those description. But not this one.


Well that is truly bizzare :rofl: and should not be happening per your description. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when this bug is researched

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@PlayForFun shouldn’t revivers’ special skills be interrupted midway if they die? (or any other special skills in general)
Never paid attention if attackers’ special skills goes on if they die in the first step due to enemy’s reflect.

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A chain effect chains through, no matter if the attacker dies from reflected damage in between or not.

It is strange question. I can ask Staff to clarify this.

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I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this one!

It makes no sense and yet, in theory… it should work… but at the same time, surely it can’t work??

Imagine my surprise seeing MN die and revive instantly. I just sat there and read everyone else’s description just to make sure no one else can revive :unamused:

I only remember this one, I don’t know if there are others out there who do the same

Still, it clearly states that they are resurrected at the beginning of their next turn so the special skill from MN (or someone’s else) should still be interrupted midway the moment she dies.

Read Mother North’s card. It says she revives allies, not herself. This scenario will not work, as the revive abilty does not, nor has it ever applied to herself.