Motega's butterflies' status effect bug

Dear devs,

Motega’s butterflies (on x1) put a status effect on enemies: “All the damage target recieves is increased by +20%”.
So it’s a negative status effect.

But it can be bypassed by Rangers or Ninjas as if it’s a buff.

Kind ask to fix it )
This status effect is negative and therefore should work like defense debuff - increase the damage dealt by ninjas and rangers.

Video: motega - YouTube


Off topic but the butterfly animation is quite underwhelming :no_mouth:

Perfecty clear in the video:

Enemies only have this ailment that increases damage received.

Cobalt attacks and bypasses the ailment as if it were a buff!

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thanks for the awesome information.

An actual bug on “Bugs & Issues” section? Impossible!

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