🧙 Motega – 5* Holy / Yellow from Tower of Magic

i can see arguments for and against. i’m not sure which side i would be on, regardless of what the current game state is.

Well, it isn’t an ailment that effects defense…

I wasn’t expecting motega to be native American, and thought he was some generic pale skinned magician. So was pleasantly surprised and was like finally more native American representation.
And beside he’s quite strong for what he does, I would be more insulted if he has underwhelming and weak skills


Love the artwork. I just maxed him and am enjoying using him. :grin::+1:t2:


FYI in case nobody has said it yet, Motega’s minions that put the increase damage on you, increases damage taken from all sources. This includes things like DOTs (proteus poison, uraeus sand damage, etc), minion slashes, tiles, basically anything that does damage will be increased. He pairs really well with Uraeus since the 2x fiends from Motega also triggers the sand damage component of Uraeus’ special.

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I am one dart away of maxing him, will be a great pair with uraeus.

How is this guy after people have been using him? I take it he’s NOT a defensive hero as I never see him. Is he worth ascending for offense? Does he require other specific support (Uraeus) to work well? I have one at 3/70, but I’m not convinced he’s worthy yet to max.

I have been using him on titans at 3-70 and found him to be effective. The minions give a damage increase to the titan at very fast. If you can get 12 tiles the fiend is very effective. With gJackal the damage output at v fast is pretty good.

I have been using him in stack with costumed victor in some raids. cV defense down stacks with Motega damage up. Both at very fast.

Have been debating him and devana for my next yellow ascension. I think his all around usefulness is leading toward taking Motega up first.

Just some thoughts. Seems he is a very good support hero.

Mine is at +19, and I don’t regret it. Bring him in raid against teams without healer, and launch his fiends to cast an undispellable blind. Very effective. I won’t talk about his 50% chances to heal his non-yellow allies, it’s too much unreliable, but when it happens, it’s a nice help. In despite of this, I use him a lot in my yellow stack with Sif, Prof. Lidenbrock, Malosi and Uraeus.
He is also a must have against purple titans.

He’s great on titans. He’s not fully up for me… about 4.65, but I hit a record 84k+ on a 10 star dark titan, without really using items other than mana. He pairs great with c Vivica, Uraeus. The stacks there are insane. I was also using Wu Kong and Poseidon. Not sure yet on pvp, minions are a bit weak but we’ll see.

Showing up late to the conversation but would really appreciate input on deciding who to level up all the way between Thor and Motega. I had motega up to 3.70 a few weeks ago but just pulled Thor recently and am now rethinking it.
Read a few reviews about Thor saying he’s underperforming but wasn’t sure it was to the point of putting him under Motega

Thor is a good attacker but to me Motega is better.

Depends on what you need really. Thor is very fast and his blind is pretty impressive. I’ve got him leveled with emblems and like using him. His hit does feel a little weaker than I’d like but his ability to blind so quickly at vfast speed has come in handy numerous times against Frigg and Odin style heroes that hit all and fire quick. Motega on the other hand gives your team bulk with minions or slows down healing and weakens attack with fiends. I’m leveling my Motega now and just threw some darts at him to finish him off. But I’m excited to have a yellow fiend dealer to pair with Senan. Going to see how he does on defense.

So I’d say level the hero that will seem to fill in the most gaps for your play style and what you’re really needing. Thor will be an attacker while Motega is more support. Both are worth the darts and you won’t be disappointed.

Great stuff. Thanks

I am actually low on defensive 5* héroes so I’ll follow that advice and level Motega first. Good to know Thor is not as bad as I though, I’ll definitely level him up afterwards

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Motega will be my next yellow ascension, how are you feeling about him? Is him sturdy enough to get to second charge? Does he need to be +20 and or LB?

I am using Motega a lot recently. He’s among my favourite yellow heroes (and I have 13 yellow legendaries maxed).

Is he sturdy? Yes.

Though, I wouldn’t recommend using him for defense. I swapped my Inari for him and noticed cups dropping. I think it’s not that he can’t survive until second charge, it’s the AI overusing his 1st charge, making him vulnerable to Grimble, Skadi, Bera etc.

But in offense, his minions are MURDERERS. The +20% incoming damage debuff is next level skill, stacking with regular and elemental defense down. Makes enemies extremely vulnerable. Also, works wonders on titans. And he doesn’t require a lot to cast it, charges together with my Thor; also, is often immune to Bera/Freya mana cut. Of course, when you manage to cast the 2nd charge it’s game over for sure. Though I find myself often spamming those pesky minions. They are just too good.


I have him at 4:35 right now. He seems fairly sturdy, though I’m not using him on def. I’m going to try him out once I get him all the way up, but a couple of other projects have put him on the back burner. (C. MN, Pengi, and Lord Loki have been getting all my feeders at the moment.)

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Just for info if anyone finds it useful : Motega fiends who do 50% blind, work on bosses who otherwise have ailment protection (for example S4 later stages)…

He is the reason, I can basically almost autofarm everything :slight_smile:

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His hero card has been updated with the latest balance changes.


Can you share your autofarm team with him?