Mostly Harmless! is looking for you

Hello Everyone,

Do you love EnP as much as we do? Are you annoyed by left over war tickets? Then „Mostly Harmless!“ might just be the right place for you. We are an English speaking alliance with members from all over the world (New Zealand, UK, US, Austria, France, Germany). Our requirements are as follows:

  1. 1800+ trophies required

  2. Hit the titan daily (currently hitting 7/8 star titans with only 13 members)

  3. 100% war participation if opted-in

  4. And most important: Respect everyone, enjoy the game and our little community!! :slight_smile:

We are an active alliance. We genuinely care about each other and of course we understand that sometimes real life comes first (most of us are between 25-55, some with family).

We sincerely look forward to meeting new people !! :heart: Let’s discuss new tactics, heroes, ascensions,…!

And Dutch! Pff, been only a member for 154 days… :wink:

This really is a great alliance. No nonsense. Serious and fun at the same time. Everybody is open for advice on heroes, tactics and gameplay. We all play with the same goal: titans and war - full participation leaving no flags unused so we can all benefit from the loot.

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