Most Wanted Styx Hero?

Curious who is the most sought after post-buff?

All of them and none of them

Thanatos, the young boy is the new xnolphod

Until now, maybe Charon, Hypnos and Nyx.

I’d say all depends on what color and what niche you need to fill. None of them stands out, none of them is great defense material (better options already in game if you are looking for that). They are decent heroes for offense and because of that everyone needs something else.

I personally miss yellows recently so Nemesis would be my girl.

Well i got Charon last week and so he is the one i was after. Lol. I can’t say anything about the other Styx heroes, but Charon is truly outstanding with his 65% revive and huge health boost.


Best stick hero.


Charon has been a game changer on both war and raid defense. I use him as tank and that early super fast health boost allows extra survival time for key units to fire. If they choose to ignore Charon, he could eventually eliminate all the hardwork that was done to kill my more powerful units. I don’t have him LB’d yet, but very much looking forward to that.