Most used heroes for raids

Which heroes you use the most for raids… ? Why?

I use :point_down: for 8 out of 10 raids…
Gazelle -Heimdall- Gravemaker - Ariel - Malosi

I change Gravemaker to the tank weakness colour…

VF Malosi stops opposite hero specials big role for victory…

In my normal raids I play 4 + 1 where 4 is the stack of strong color against opponent’s tank.

The ‘1’ is always Ariel - I take her to every raid for months now, no exceptions (so against red tanks it’s actually blue mono). Definitely my most used hero nowadays.


I’m also raiding mainly 4+1, where the +1 is Kunchen.
And nowadays, the 2 raid squad I use the most are:
vs Telly tank: Kunchen - JF - Elena - Azlar - Marjana
vs blu tank: Kunchen - Zocc - Telly - Lianna - Lianna

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Red Team

Very often changed Scarlett and JF with Grazul/Anzogh/Sumle/Wilbur.

Blue Team

New toys with Snow White, nice synergy with Kiril and Kiril.C, guaranteed maxed buff applied for SW.

Green Team

Yellow Team

Very often changed with double/triple Jackals. But I need more Mana Troop, that’s why I rarely use Jackals right now.
Sometimes add Woolerton for speed and pair well with Poseidon to void the mana block ailment at the same speed.

Purple Team

New toys Onyx, very nice if we need depend on which charge to use in offense. Was using Killhare in that place, but if I have more mana troop and level 23 or emblem+19, I will put back Killhare, and use Onyx on dirrefent teams.

Test Team

Safety team so far for raid, but still very often changed.

EDIT: what the… in green team, why Lianna use 1* troop :open_mouth: :man_facepalming:


With green tanks being so widely used, this lineup gets close to 80% for the raid attack work


Red tank

Blue tank

For purple and yellow it typically depends on which tank and what abilities they have that need to be neutralized


Ice is your friend

Anti tellu friend fire squad

Emo punishers

The Sunriders

How does hulk phone sound? Green green


As Most Tanks are Green :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I Use Azlar, Marjana, BT, Wilbur and Zim very Succesfully.
Then I also enjoy me a Red Tank using Finley, Alasie, Aegir, Magni and Athena…
Yellow Tank - Sartana, Khiona, Dom, Tibs and Rigard
Purple Tank - Drake, Norns, Viv, Musashi and Leonidas
Blue Tank - Heimdall, Eve x 2, Hansel and Kadilen
I Tend to only attack Green and Red Tanks though. Too lazy to change Pre Set Teams
Always Played 3-2 Attack but I am a converted Mono player as of a month or 3 ago.
Hit my cup high today at 2977


My yellow mono team probably gets used the most…
But never sure if I should include Gullinbursti or Mist …


Why not both?

This is my mono yellow which has seen off its fair share of Kunchens.


Congrats @EVO
Thanks for sharing

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I go mono with raiding so most used is a little tough. But with the number of green tanks out there, it’s probably Garnet (used to be Grazul) as the most important hero of my red stack.


That purple team is awesome.:star_struck::star_struck:


My most commonly used team. I might change it up, go full mono, depending on opponent, but this is my go-to lineup.


@VeryQuietly : a superb team… I am still levelling up Evelyn 3/70… who is waiting for one tonic since now 5 weeks…
Malosi is my main specials stopper of today’s ailments / buff world…

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Mine. 75% of the times. :slightly_smiling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I go mono now, but before that I would use Proteus + Seshat in like 75% of raids.


Purple mono:

Proteus +19 with lvl 17 mana troop / Seshat +9 / Sartana costume +7 / Tibs costume +11 / Rigard +15

Proteus charges in 9 tiles, so often charges same time as Sesh and Sarty. Proteus buys valuable time. Sesh and Sartana will take out weakened opponents OR major threats, otherwise they wait until Tibs charges and fires (if the board looks favorable).

Sadly I don’t have Rigard’s costume.

Very rarely, Rigard gets dropped for Sabina +20 in case there’s nothing to cleanse and plenty to dispel.

Yellow mono:

Malosi +7 with level 11 mana troop / Lady Woolerton +15 / Rana +6 / Inari +7 / Joon costume +7

Inari and Joon make a crazy combo, sometimes my entire team escapes from an AoE due to the blind + dodge combo. Malosi stops key threats like Black Knight, and is a great finisher with his Very Fast mana (charges in 3 ghosted tiles!). Rana takes on healers and and reviving Fighters, and Lady Wooly (despite her two-turn mana block) often escapes it due to Cleric talent, and even if she doesn’t she can charge fast.

Green mono:

Francine +7 / Hansel +15 / Margaret +2 / Melendor costume +14 with level 5 mana troop / Gregorion +7

mana control, cleanse, dispel are all here. Margaret protects the two frailest. Greg, despite being average speed, snipes as I do not have Lianna.

Blue mono:

Master Lepus +7 / Kiril +11 (I don’t have his costume) / Sonya +20 (I DO have her costume!) / Isarnia +7 / rotating slot

Lepus is there to kill, depending on how good the board is, he fires first to eliminate weakened threats OR waits for Kiril and maybe Isarnia for a more devastating hit. Sonya is Sonya, and is there to cleanse or dispel as needed - and also makes a great finisher.

Rotating slot:

2nd Sonya +17 if the enemy has a lot of status casters, Valeria +13 if there are multiple healers, Aegir +9 if I need to go more defensive, Grimm +13 or Triton +7 if I need more offense

Red mono

Boldtusk w/ costume bonus +18 / Gormek +14 / Elena +7 / Sir Lancelot +15 / Marjana +7

Marjana either snipes a weakened threat or waits for Gormek/Boldy to charge for a stronger hit. Elena finishes + kills with her riposte. Lance boosts Elena, his low defense also synergizes with her riposte (much like Gormek), and finishes off weakened targets.

Sometimes, Sir Lancelot bows out for Scarlett +12.


I’ve gone back to raid 3-2 since 3-1-1 has recently turned into a disaster.

I stack against tank color so:

Kunchen on all teams as healer/debuffer/defense down

Yellow: Malosi, Drake, Joon, Vivica (I use 4 stack in stead of 3/2)
Green: LotL, Kingston, Lianna
Blue: Alice, KA, Athena
Dark: G. Panther and Sartana with Kunchen
Red: Gefjon, C. Azlar, Elena

My two off colors depend on their next most powerful hero.

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Always 3(depends on tank) -1 (Ariel, healer) -1 (Proteus, Mana control) .

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Most used, each color:

Blue: Vera/Fenrir
Green: Frigg/Lianna
Red: Mitsuko/Grazul
Yellow: Sif/Jackal
Purple: C. Rigard/Proteus

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