Most underrated heroes?

I was raiding a dude with lady locke and man is she good

3000 damage with average mana?

Who do you think are underrated

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I totally agree that Lady Locke is underrated; she incredible in the right circumstance, but is also easy to counter. She deals insane damage over 4 turns, but none of it happens up front, and it can be cleansed. Furthermore, she is very squishy and therefore easy to kill before she fires. Lastly, there are so many good green 5*s that she rarely earns the tonics over Lianna, Zeline, Alberich, Greg, and Morgan.

I think that all the Pirates are underrated. Kestrel and Sargasso aren’t as good as GM and Hel, but they still hit really hard. I also think that some heroes who have been buffed over time don’t receive the respect they deserve. I’d put Leonidas, Thorne, and Elkanen into that category since they can hurt like hell if you don’t take them seriously.


Isarnia isn’t overly underrated, but I think she is better than a B. Azlar too, he does an insane amount of damage, but some people just really hate on the slow manas. Elena has a nice high attack stat that’s accompanied with counterattack, yet she’s considered one of the more mediocre ones. Most of the slows are considered okay to terrible, but I think most can be pretty useful if you have the patience for it.

I think Domitia is very underrated. She’s the only regular 5* that can dispel buffs- which is crucial. Obviously she’s not as great as the fast HOTM and event heroes, but she’s one of the only dispellers for a lot of people.

That makes me think of Vivica, is she considered underrated? I think she deserves to be an A. Best healer in the game and only regular 5* that cleanses (& heals!). Yeah, she’s slow, but she also puts up an insane defense buff for the whole team.

Rumpel is also very good, every single thing he does (with average mana) is pretty great- just super unpredictable and that’s why he gets a bad rep.

Natalya is usually outshined by GM, Ares, Red Hood and Marjana but the fact that she’s fast, lowers mana gen on a target while leaving quite a lot of damage (that’s undispellable) at the same time makes her pretty amazing.

Also, I don’t think Perseus is as bad as some people think, though- he’s still not one I fear all that much. Paired with Natalya, I think those two could do very well together.

I agree about Lady Locke, I have her and love watching my opponent waste away. Especially since I can activate her while counterattack is active and take absolutely no damage from it, makes it even more awesome. + She cleanses, and is currently my only cleanser that’s decently leveled, so she always has a place on my team

I don’t have Morgan, but is she considered better? She does less damage than Locke, and only on one (vs three), but it’s undispellable (unless dead) so I guess I can see why. Even still, I’d prefer the cleanse over the fire defense on one, and the dispellable effect on three over the semi-undispellable effect on one, so I think I’d take Locke over her. Have to test them both out to know for sure.

Aegir could be one, but I haven’t played with him enough to know for sure.

Khiona doesn’t get enough credit for her amazing buff, I think it’s fabulous, but she doesn’t get nearly as much attention as deserved.

Man, I’m sure there’s others, but I think almost every character can be great under the right circumstances. It’s all dependent on your roster and what characters you can realistically get, especially if you’re F2P. Some are definitely better than others, but the ones considered okay or rated C are usually a whole lot better than people give them credit for.


Hmmm, I didn’t know people didn’t think Perseus was all that. I find him amazing against lvl 10 bosses in monthly events, almost can’t loses with 5 100% mana shots. Takes my 3400 team to the finish where I couldn’t before.

Perseus and Gretel are helping me stay in Platinum against teams 300-400 stronger.


LittleKAF is underrated (mic drop)


Have LL, and I never fear the fire dots.

I am wondering about the damage shown in the OP as the card states 869 over four turns.

Troop bonuses change he base hero damage.


Guess I have to go back and recheck every hero with every troop. Spreadsheet just got bigger.

I love your posts, RandaPandah.
Do you work for Empires and Puzzles or the developers of the game? Just curious.

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please post your defence team.

Thank you, that made me smile. Glad someone can enjoy my unusually long posts, as I don’t know how to type up anything that isn’t a few paragraphs long lol

& No I do not, I just have a deep love for E&P and frequent these forums quite a bit; I was a lurker here for a few months before actually making my debut as a poster. I simply enjoy sharing all that I’ve learned and taking part in the conversation. :blush:

& For some strange reason I find this game absolutely fascinating, along with all of the information and strategies that accompany it. I probably spend more time on this forum than E&P to be honest, but I love em both equally :wink:


I don’t think Boril gets the respect he deserves. His defense is really high even among 5* but especially for 4*. Yeah riposte can be dispelled but I mean I stack 3/2 on every raid so it’s triple green when he’s tank. Mel and Caed both dispell but if you don’t have mana right away, dead tiles charge Boril and then if I’m crashing green tiles into him most of my team is taking a significant amount of damage.


I think the reason the riposters never scared me, is that I always used multiple healers. I don’t even bother to bring dispellers these days: Boril, Cyprian, Elena, Obakan … they never do enough damage to worry me.


Riposte is better for defence. Riposte sucks for offence.

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Yeah, Perseus is unfortunately not a huge favorite in the community, but I personally believe he’s better than people give him credit for. He has a lot of competition, and I think that’s why he’s overlooked more often than not. Even still, I believe he’s an amazing character to have. He just gets outshined by the likes of Alasie, Athena, Magni, King Arthur, etc.

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Riposte is great help for those with limited roster to complete high challenge quests.


Not a 5*, but I think Kelile is very underrated. If she was anything but Red, people would have a much higher opinion of her.


I would say all slow AoE hitters are extremely underated, especially if they have a huge attack stat.

I always make this reasoning about them: i fear more 2 specials of a fast or a single from a slow?

If i fear more 2 of the fast then it’s not a good slow hero, but if i fear more a single of the slow then it’s good.

Even more because a single slow charge in 12 tiles (not considering troops) and 2 special of a fast in 16 tiles (so 4 tiles more)

Same for attack.
When i have items and huge combo, fast or slow it’s not so important anymore.


I love hitting riposted defences with my Isarnia buffed by Boldtusk. Sure enough she dies, but she takes half the team with her. Ain’t much to riposte when you’re dead.

But yeah, I’ve been levelling Boril up for AW lately and he’s useful.

If this is true, then why am I enjoying using Boril so much in AW, even when he’s still far from maxed? Sure, you can’t control who he kills, but he kills, he kills.

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Agree with @airhawk - Boril can be great for event bosses - Kong and Owl both blew themselves up!


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