Most ugly heroes

Brand looks like my sociopathic, narcissistic ex boyfriend. Whose name was Brandon. Like he was the model for the artwork. It’s super creepy. Brogan looks like my jerk upstairs neighbor.
I don’t want to look at either of them…


Danzaburro with his crazy eyes and nipples

Is this a true story ? That’s a disturbing real life fact.
(Also, I can’t find where to send private messages.)

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FYI, the forum has private messages disabled except for by moderators. So you’re not missing it, it just doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t endorse this as a potential son in law either:


Yo man, his beard looks like an old toothbrush and he smiles like a criminally insane :rofl:


OOOOOOH I forgot this one !
And he’s currently my ONLY 4* !
Why don’t the gacha give me a more attractive one, like Gorm or Tibs or Hu Tao ?!

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Prisca is quite ugly

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Oh gosh how gil-ra is so ugly!! I have 3 of her! Cringe! That little mermaid will never get herself a prince! She needs to go back to the very deepest of the ocean where everything is blind :joy:


Proteus of the Black Lagoon :rofl:


We should make a pool: vote for the three or five ugliest Heroes of the game !
My ranking:
5) Guardian Kong
4) Gobbler
3) Mok-Arr
2) Buddy

  1. Obakan (close contest between the two first spots)
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I think Mother North is one of the ugliest female heros in the game:)

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But imho one of the most powerful heroes in the game…

Everytime I see this dude, all I can think of is a baby that crapped its nappy…


Somethin about Prisca’s art makes her fall into my uncanny valley

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Yeah, that’s a VERY realistic face, but despite this, it hardly bothered me.
But I think Sartana is creepier. Why the blank eyes, SG ?!

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Very true story. Beautiful man on the outside! Maybe that’s why Brand is only a one star! Beautiful, but not worth anything beyond that…so just get rid of him. :wink:

While leveling him up i just could not stop staring at his nipple piercings. Like, that’s some serious gauging there!

@Razor this could be his next poll? But it probably won’t be as much fun as the most beautiful heros!

And i find mother north to be quite beautiful. She looks like she would give great big warm hugs (to her allies).


He his like Ridge Forrester in beautiful…

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I don’t get all the hate for Gill-Ra. Sure she isn’t a beauty, but at least her design as swamp monster mermaid is interesting. Danzaburo on the other hand…
His stupid grin, the wide open eyes and the nipples. Why tf did he need to have nipples?!?

I also want to nominate this guy


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