Most turns on a raid ever?


Imagine my surprise when I finished and looked up at the number of turns.

Wonder what the highest ever is? Let’s post 'em. Over 50, at least!

(Can’t find another post similar to this one.)

EDIT Jun 24: Yep, just had to check in and see. Beat my own record. :roll_eyes:

Annnd, forgot to add this one, that happened the day after I posted the previous one:

In diamond, this doesn’t seem to happen so much (lower diamond, anyway!); you either win or lose, and it’s pretty obvious well before the timer’s up. :smile:


When two sturdy teams meet.

50 and 2 minutes left is a tough call. I often had about 40 turns on time up.


I had 40 seconds left on one the other day. Anybody know what happens next, if you actually run out of time? Victory handed to the guy with the most HP left, or what?

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Attackers defeat, since it’ll be only a victory, if the defender was killed. Even a tie is an attackers defeat.


I never saw that thing up there. I just fought.
I’ll pay closer attention next time

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Ah yes. Sensible. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t pay attention to turns, but I have had a Rigard vs. Rigard fight go into the 400+ percent


:scream: Well, then, based on % up per turn, that must be 60+ turns! You win! :smile:

Also, you must have been very fast, not to have run out of time!

I can play quickly if I am focused. If I’m hiding my phone at the restaurant table so our friends don’t think I’m ignoring them… not as fast. :wink:


LOLOL! I can so picture that. “Just got a little … crumb … on my leg, here… brb…”


If you run out of time, you did not kill all your opponents’ heroes and survive with at least one. You lose.

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Duh. :roll_eyes: Good way of putting it, Schmoo, thanks! :smile:

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