Most successful attack team for late stages season 1 you ever had?

Hey, guys!
I was kinda stuck at province 21, but the Atlantis summon gave me some pretty awesome heroes and I found a brand new team, that helped me breeze even through the very difficult elite stages, using no battle items or maybe just a couple of arrows/axes! And my heroes are not even developed yet!

This is my team (in this order)
Little John ( tier 3 lvl 20) - Ares ( tier 1 lvl 50 no food to ascend lololol) - Wilbur (tier2 lvl 6) - Boril (tier 3 lvl 60) - Skittleskull (tier 3 lvl 24)

And i’m breezing through normal levels. Probably province 22 elites are gonna be tougher, but the game got a lot easier with this team, that is not even developed yet!

I’m planning to prepare Danzaburo and Inari for Dark Lord, got 2 maxed ot Banes already, so with 4 yellows and healer I should be able to kill him.

So what are the best not yet developed teams that you had for late stages on season 1?
Share your stories with me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .
How was your experience beating it?
And why after so much effort you get such a lame reward. :smiley:

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