Most recent update not available?

Anyone else having this issue? Our alliance seems split with about half the users getting the new update and half of us showing no update (last updated 24 Sept). … doesn’t seem to be any consistent link between who is/isn’t updated. Mixed users in terms of Apple/Google, geography, etc.

In the Google Play store I see the new icon (painted halloween face), but no update available.


I am also experiencing the same issue: no game update available at the Google store.

I’m not seeing the update either. The last time there was an update it took a couple days before i saw it, but i did eventually see it. I’d just keep checking every few hours or so.

Well, I’m not sure if I feel better about not being alone here… but I feel better about not being alone here. :wink:


Update releases are staggered by Google and Apple. I’ve had my updates range from getting them before the announcement of release here, all the way to just hours before the servers were to stop support for the old version, and anywhere in between. Still waiting this time sadly, but I got the last two very quickly.

Seems quite unfair and a bit annoying that some people are getting recruits from raids and I still cant see any update to download… ehhhhhh

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No update here, too. Hmmm…

I haven’t seen the update for Apple yet, either, but I keep refreshing the Updates screen in the App Store.

Each time we have an update I see a question of how to refresh the updates list, so here it is in case anyone wants to know :grin:

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Tap on the Updates tab.
  3. Pull down on the screen to refresh it.

If it’s available for your device it will appear in the list.

Well in my alliance, yesterday i was the only one to have it, it’s only today that members finally got it. Still not everyone have it…

You’re not alone. A bunch of my alliance members are in the same boat. Half got the update the other half wondering where and when this is supposed to happen.

Last time I got it early, this time I’m twiddling my thumbs. :sweat:

I am waiting on Android in Portugal for the update. We can form an no update club…


Thanks for laugh! So glad I work from home so no co-worker to look at me as I’m laughing :joy:

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So we need a certain model of mobile phone to get this upgrade early. I also want recruits in raids. Will iPhone users get compensated for that loss. It´s unfair.

It isn’t phone specific…

It doesn’t seem to be an iPhone vs. Android issue. I’m an android user with no update and at least 2 of our folks that have gotten the update ARE using android.

I always get the updates later than the rest of my alliance.

Play store (and whatever it is for IPhone) stagger the Release of the patch in order to not get that high spikes of download. This is something SG can’t control.

Also you only seem to get a max of 6 recruits per raid win. So you only lose a max of 144 recruits per 24h hours of not getting the patch. Not that big of a deal imo. (and that’s with using all flags and winning ever raid in Diamond)


Perfect, thanks. I was not aware of this but it makes sense.

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