Most impressive 10x summons

Totally joke from SG. Should i retire?


@windfall ….
You should never retire from a game just because of the results from a 10 x summons……

There would be nobody left in the game :wink:

For me I have now decided to play the game with the heroes I have and let it run it’s course… I have decided that it’s pointless trying to keep up with everything especially the power creep….

I probably have enough heroes to keep me going for another 12 to 18 months and then that’s it I suppose ……


There’s a 71% chance to get a 3star in a single pull.

There’s a 29% chance of not getting a 3 star.

That means there’s a 1/250,000 chance of not getting anything but 3 stars in 10 pulls, if I’ve done my math correctly. Grats on the achievement. (*edit: this is wrong… that’s the chance that you get NO 3stars. Thanks for pointing this error out)

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so that’s mean the OP is “very lucky” to beat the odds :rofl:

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Should be 1/(0.71^10)

Or 1 in 31.*

  • excluding the hotm possibility.
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You’re right. I’m still asleep. My number is for not getting any 3star. I blame optimism for my error. Damn optimism.

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Err, I had to do 345 summons to get just Horus (didn’t want him) and Bastet. 10 summons with nothing is extremely par for the course.


Yep. Unfortunately, just 3* is pretty par for the course. Unlucky, to be sure, but not phenomenally so.

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That was my 1st 10 pull ever…and then BANG HoTM Kunch.

Most recently on the other side of the draw I pulled all three featured heroes with costumes and HiTM
BK, GP, blue guy with card choice, was the absolute best draw, for me, ever. Only had GP no costume, before.

Got me totally stoked to not getting a 5* for along time again lol

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Nice pull! That’s above average for a 10 summon

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10x pulls for me for the most part been terrible. Why i quit doing them lol. Its definitely not unique to get all 3*s its not usual but i wouldn’t say quit the game unusual…

I did like 55+ pulls when marjana costume came out and got a dupe isarnia and bertila. Nothing else worth mentioning. So i quit spending. But then in the last little but got aino on a free pull and the other day khepri and tahir in a free coin pull. That was sweet. Made up for the thorne and marjana i got back to back from kalevala and s4 portal not to long ago.

But 10x always seem to be rough for me. Maybe would get hotm here and there but usually just 3s and 4s that wound up being fed away

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A few years ago, someone put together a (iMovie generated) summons video showing all Dawa. It was hilarious.

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I feel like I’ve gotten worse…

I agree with you. I have also given up on pulls. I fight with my mostly s1 and 2 heroes, and well, i dont think i will last as long as you think.

But yep. In the end i with my best guess is out, within this year.

Also think it will not be long before my rooster cant complete, new adventures eg. And then the final fun is out of the game for me.


This game pits you against players with the same level of power, so I don’t understand how people say they wont be able to compete. You’ll compete just fine with players who also play the way you do. Why does everyone seem to think they need to be in the top 50?

I get those same 3 star pulls every time I do a 10 pull on S5 all are feeders

When you have been playing for 4 years or more getting 10 pulls of 3 star feeders you will feel like calling it a day
The only thing that keeps us going are the people we have talked to in General chat

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Playing for 4 years now.

Best two ten pulls were:

Frigg & Odin and
Panther C & Black knight C

….& endless 10 without anything, like the odds say,

Just got Isrod, Rhys and Dark Lord in a ten pull. Plus Zhabog, who I like. Pretty special pull.


In 4-1/2 years I have had two (for me) good 10-pulls.

First was in Guardians when I finally got Jackal and landed Falcon as well. This was probably my fifth or sixth 10-pull in that portal.

Second was first 10-pull in Challenge Festival 1 when I got LotL, Finley, Marie-Therese, Hansel, Peters, Treevil, and Sally (twice). All were new for me. I’m basically F2P

Every other one has been mainly 3* and dupes. One earlier 10-pull in Guardians I did manage to get Thorne :rofl: