Most heroes owned?

I think it would be cool if in the missions (The scroll icon that rewards us with avatars or gems for completing missions), we were rewarded for having all season 1 or all season 2 or all of an events heroes. Sometimes I make YouTube videos about Empires and Puzzles. Lately I have been wondering what players have the most heroes. If it’s known information?
Has anybody ever had all the heroes at one time? How far are you away from completing everything? If anybody’s interested in responding to this topic, feel free. I thought I had all the season 1 heroes but then realized I didn’t have feels like they make so many heroes that it’s impossible and it’s like an infinite roster at times.

Yeah. A flask. Always has been.

Bottoms up !!

I am too far from completing any Season or Event heroes.

For two years playing, the following heroes are the ones I am missing:

Season 1: Elena, Isarnia, Horghall, Quintus, and Obakan.

Season 2: Tarlak, Missandra, Ursena and Mok-Ar (I may have missed one or two more).

Season 3: Sitting on over 3k Valhalla coins, I have stopped summoning there for several months already, so I have limited S3 heroes but plan to use those coins once all heroes are available at the end of the year or so. I hate summoning every month only to get the same heroes due to the very concentrated pool of S3 heroes.

Springvale: Sir Roostley, Killhare, and Jack O’Hare.

SandEmpire: Yunan and Roc.

Return to Morlovia: Victor (and maybe a lot more after they introduce new seasonal heroes here).

Santa’s Challenge: Santa Clause and Mother North (and maybe a lot more after they introduce new seasonal heroes here).

Teltoc: Guardian Kong.

Avalon: All 5 star event heroes.

Pirates of Correlia: All 5 star event heroes and Cabin Boy Peters.

Wonderland: All 5 star event heroes.

Grimforest: All 5 star event heroes except Snow White.

As F2P I don’t expect to complete them.

Even completing ice heroes of S1 & S2 was unexpected for me but that is what happened. :sweat_smile:

But on the other hand, my nature heroes is stuck at 5 Elkanen. :nauseated_face:


Why dont you join our FTP rebellion and secret hideout @yelnats_24 :slight_smile:


Cool roster, and I agree with your season 3 summoning plan.


Just like my S2 heroes, I have 3 Mitsukos (only 1 maxed and sitting on 17 rings). I got all on the months when I summon during Atlantis, hoping to get them featured past HOTMs. I usually use them free coins and tokens and rarely get more than I needed (the max number of HOTMs I got on the month of release is 2 in Vela and Clarissa, most of the time I have 1 or none at all). Don’t mistake me, Mits is a fine hero, but I rather have my 2 other Mitsukos to be Ursena and Tarlak for variety’s sake.

I know I’ve seen some players (either on here or on YouTube, can’t remember where) who had over 400 heroes. Lots of duplicates, but in some cases they were 5-10 duplicates of HotMs… WOW. I’m pretty sure they weren’t all leveled up, but still… just to have so many options available like that? Well… obviously must have cost them a fortune, so I could never dream of having a roster like that.

I’ve only got 85 heroes myself. All of the season one 3s and 4s, still missing many of the 5s. Missing most of the event, S2 and S3 heroes. At the rate they come trickling in without spending, it will take years (decades most likely) to come anywhere close to having them all. But then, I don’t have enough AMs to finish all the ones I already have anyway, so. :man_shrugging:

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We have a guy in our ally that has every 3* in the game… maxed.

Not sure how close he is with 4s and 5s.


I’ve got every 1-4* in the game maxed. Not even close on 5*'s. Most end game players probably have more maxed 5s than I do. I have 32 maxed 5s. I think most endgame players are at 40+ by now, that seems to be what top alliances require.


Damn. Guess we should up our game. Lol


This is a pretty terrifying roster. Look at Aife’s menacing stare…


I’m working on every 4* in the game maxed. I’m missing lady Woolerton and Valeria plus one or two S3 4*s … and I got a bunch of S3 4*s last Valhalla that I haven’t maxed yet. I also don’t have all the costumes yet.

I refuse to keep or level lame 3* heroes, but I’ve got a ton of good 3*s, mostly maxed.


I have every 4* in the game except one from S3

All are maxed except Kash, Boomer, Gobbler and Agwe. I see no reason to feed them in any near future (maybe Kash).

I have all S1 5-Stars except Richard
I have all S2 5-Stars except Misandra
I have 5 of the S3 5-stars
I am missing 6 HOTM - Thoth, Areon, Persus, Zeline, Grimmble and now Raff
I do not have a full set of event heroes since the new ones were released
I only have the Christmas set for sessional

I dont have room on my bench for all the 3s so I just keep the ones I use.

The only hero of the month I have is Vela. I see people in my alliance get like 3-5 heroes of the month, fairly often. I’m hoping I get another one soon. That is in reply to some of the posts I have seen. At this point I’m in about 15 five star heroes, so I don’t do that badly at getting five stars just Heroes of the months.

Perseus, Frigg, Puss In Boots, C Kadilen have eluded me. One day.

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