Most Favored Heroes with Talents

Hello Guys,
I ve been wondering which heroes 4 or 5 stars heroes, you think will take a great advantage with their new Talent? There are others like Little John who attack multiple target with their special, having a better chance to apply Bleeding and others like Kiril who make use of their Talent only in defence team, as extra damage requires an attack to apply. I am looking forward for your answers…

Barbarians can’t proc the bleeding from anything but their normal damage (tiles or slashing attack).

For the 4* I don’t have a true opinion as the only I would empower would be Wu Kong and Wilbur to achieve a better survivability on titan’s fights but…

Pierce (ranger): it work for specials and normal attacks, the best is on Red Hood as she hits more targets but the most meaningful is on Evelyn, that could safely avoid damage reduction from defense (even after his special, to deal a serious amount of damage) and riposte (to strip their buffs efficently/safely).

Protect (paladin): after receiving any damage is the key, it could mean that every tick of damage over time or counterattack could increase your defense and increase your survivability against any subsequent direct damage. Ares seems to be the best paladin.

Companion (druid): the same for protect, the best would be on heroes who can recover “true health points” as Alberich or (in a lesser way) Zimkitha… also worthy on meat shields as a defensive Boss Wolf.

The others seems too situationals to be a reason of a hero’s improvement other than to boost stats of an already good hero.

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Out of all the talents, my favourite is probably Rogue.
And as her special work exactly in the same way and increase the chance to dodge, Inari is probably my best among them.

There are several heroes that work really well with their talents, but it’s boring mention them again.

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I like Melendor as Druid his minion hits really good …
I like Rigard as Cleric just watch this:
By @Kamikaze_Assassin

I like Gormek as Barbarian used of his bleeding so much and even become a better tank.

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Tiburtus as archer seems really really good, only purple archer, archer ability seems efficient against guenievre.

For paladin, ill go definetely Ares. To make him even more Tanky. Only red paladin.

For druid, melendor is my choice, i use him a a lot on attack team. And he need some def/hp

For monk… Ill go Joon, sorry wilbur and wukong.

For rogue, let’s go Khiona. Ability to dodge special skill dmg, can be useful.

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