Most efficient 8-7 map farming team

I have a map stage 8-7 farming team to fill my chest as quickly as possible. I prioritize heroes who can wipe out a wave in one hit and fast speed.

My current 8-7 team is:

CTiburtis - Jack O’Rabbit - Killhare - Vela - Frida

Frida helps with that big punch at the end plus there aren’t many other fast AoE hitters in my roster. I have Kadlien but her special animation is wayyyyy too slow! I just stripped Vela of her emblems so now she doesn’t clear a wave in one hit anymore and looking to replace her.

I’m curious what your most efficient farming teams are!


Nice! This one is prob my quickest finishing team, frigg prob takes zelines place when maxed. Talk about overkill. Lol


Here my 8-7 farming team


Nice! I wish i had those heroes!

For an 8-7 team, I would replace white rabbit with frigg and replace Grave with a hero who can wipe out a stage in one hit.

Maybe your best team would be:

Frigg-Ursena-Vela-Zeline- JackRabbit or CTiburtis if you have them?

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Yeah makes sense i just like rainbow. Something like this maybe… alfrike and frigg maxed by december

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Alfrike is way too slow though. I complete 8-7 in less than 30 seconds with my team.

I don’t aim for powerful heroes, i aim for the most efficient heroes so i can fill my chest in the least amount of time possible


Good call…

Wow nice heroes… this was my team

Now this my new team.


This goes fast


I´m new, so not able to play with the big boys yet, but in case others are too, maybe my response can still be of use to someone :slight_smile:

I mostly have 3*s and of those, I use:


at my disposal - they seem to clear it pretty efficiently :slight_smile:

Not sure if that is the way to go, though, really, now I think about it. Maybe once I have more fully maxed, it would be optimal to go for more that hit several targets at once? And stack more of one colour…I can see I need to give this team some thought, thank you for the inspiration :smile:


That’s a great team! Though just remember that this isn’t supposed to be your defense team or your raiding team. This is a team built primarily for completely 8-7 as quick as possible.

That’s why i would consider Jack O’Hare much better than say Kadilen because his animation is much quicker.

For your team, yeah you don’t want snipers like Valen because he hits one but then there are still 2 or 3 other enemies sitting there waiting to be taken out. Focus on fast AoE hitters

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Nice team! I would suggest plugging in Ulmer at some point to give an AoE w/ D drop hit in there. Good luck! :+1:


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Ah, yes, of course, that makes complete sense! I shall be making adjustment to my levelling queue, thank you for the support and advice :slight_smile:

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Always farm with a rainbow for easy levels. Kills em’ quicker!

Vela - Frigg - Mitsuko - C Li Xiu - Freya.


Yeah Rainbow for mine

Azlar emblemed
Vela Emblemed
Drake emblemed
Clarissa emblemed

Drake can one shot bosses

My autofarm team is Guardian Gazelle - Finley - Jabber - Gravemaker - Telluria…don’t have a lot of AoE hitters maxed so more snipers in there…but Gazelle does her job…

I’m a noob

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This is my team.

Question though. Why farm 8-7? The best stage to farm to fill up the monster chest is S1 7-4. On average, you’ll get 12.5 monsters per 3 WEs (24 WEs needed) from S1 8-7 and 15.5 monster per 3 WEs (21 WEs needed) from S1 7-4.

I wouldn’t call that a noob! You don’t have to have an all maxed 5* heroes for a good farming team. CTiburtus is probably the best 8-7 hero there is! Though your LJ and Elena are a bit slow for farming

Honestly… didn’t know about 7-4. I remember looking at the guides when i started a long time ago and 8-7 was always talked about so that level just got stuck in my head and haven’t thought about ever farming anything else for quick chest filling

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