Most effective form of feedback from the players to Small Giant / POLL


GIven the latest movest from the development team I am angry and dissapointed. There are a lot of things in the game that need changing and of course they should start respecting the players and not treating them like walking wallets.

I am not ready yet to give up the game, but I feel things should change (lots of people in my alliance and in communities feel the same).

What do you think are the most effective mediums for a feedback that will be listened and not ignored:

  • Write a post in this forum
  • Cut the in-game spending
  • Write an honest feedback in Google Play Store or Appstore
  • Write an email to the management team
  • Cut the play time
  • Give up the game
  • Write on social media

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Of course, if you have other ideas please comment. And distribute this poll to your alliance, maybe they give feedback and we can generate a change on how we are treated.


I will not spend any money anymore. That’s my answer to them. They are not listening to the feedback. Leave unchanged Teluria. I don’t have her, but I have no problems taking her down in raids or Wars. If i lose, i will lose because of the bad board, not because of her special skill. And, my biggest disappointment is Vela. It doesn’t need to be touched. It’s a normal 5 star. It doesn’t affect the game.


This is my opinion about SMALL GIANT related to nerfing Telluria and other heroes: How dare you release Hotm and after a few weeks you want to make several changes? What about our materials? 6 tonics, 6 telescopes and other? Will we recive them back? I’m pretty sure the answear its NO. What about our money spent on gems for summons? You have no respect for us. If you ll make changes, not only i will stop playing but i won t encourage others to play. When i started playing this game, i gave 5 *. If you do this, sincerlly, you don t deserve not even 1 *.


No more in game spending from my site. Saw the offer yesterday pop up and began to laugh.


On one hand, punishment without explanation is not productive. When you stop spending money, you should tell them why. On the other hand, mods will probably just chuck it in another “whine” thread and close the door.

So before we discuss the best way to get our message across, we should discuss the de facto sensorship that impedes people’s ability to express themselves effectively.
I think mods should start a feedback thread and remove any discussion between forum members. You get one post to tell SG how you feel, and you can edit it all you want without turning it into a dumpsterfire.

I’d really go for this if it was possible to set an automatic contribution limit, but currently there isn’t. So we’d have to manually weed it and, to be honest, I’m pretty fed up with that.

I quite like the premise of this thread but so far the posts could belong to four or five others so it may end up getting closed or merged.


Yeah, makes a lot more complicated to control that. In all honesty, I think we are at a risk of having every thread turning into a nerf-protest. It seems like people are creating accounts just to weigh in, and they end up highjacking the threads. These are turbulent times.

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Hey Jonah, just curious, is anybody who presents the opinion expressed here in the forum to management? In a form that would support decision making?

Such as synthesized data, answers to polls, number of positive or negative reactions? Petri maybe

Can we create a thread with a poll and no comments? Maybe that’s the solution. That way, the staff can see what’s happening but not have to deal with angry protesters.

Yes, the forum staff pass on lots of the forum to management and mods have daily contact with various staff too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Again, that’s a good idea, which I’d like to see but this software appears to have just the open and closed options.

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Dang. SurveyMonkey, maybe? Can people click on a link in a closed thread?

Yes, that would work.

But without new posts, a thread doesn’t bump and gets lost.

So you’d have to have an open thread that linked to the closed thread, so you could bump the open one with new posts and keep it relevant.

Am I even on topic now… I’ve no idea


I don’t think cutting spending would do it. They don’t keep tabs on who stopped spending or why.

I think the forum posting is the way to go if you do it right–Not only talking civilly like what’s right here, but also explaining detailed points behind your reasoning and a suggested reasonable alternative to fix the problem. A retired army general told me that the difference between a complainer and a problem-solver is the problem-solver comes with a solution.

Even that may not do much. Proposed solutions are hard to find when there’s so much raw flak to sift through. But that’s the best way I can think of.


Right?! How many posts can a poster post if poster could post posts? lol
I’d say mods could post a link to the survey in the ongoing threads every now and then as a way of saying “here, submit your feedback in this survey”.

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Yes, if it’s something really worth supporting, we can set an auto-bump. Currently that’s very rare and the only one I’ve done is a reminder to search.


Yes. Those polls help a ton.

It’s a shame one guy can only think of so many options at a time, though. When we got a poll asking what we think should be done with the Telluria/Vela nerfs, I would’ve said "don’t make them weaker (much), but weaken Vela’s anti-red stuff and maker her more powerful in other areas so they don’t work so blasted well together. But that option wasn’t on the list. Can’t bark at a guy for that, you can’t think of everything all at once

Puts all the important stuff in one place. I think polls are really the #1 way to get people’s thoughts

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I think cutting spending is the most effective feedback. Believe me, they would notice and know why, if significant (many players) and following a major game change like nerfing 2 poster heroes.

If they don’t notice and make the connection, they deserve what is coming.


If it allows the staff to have a more comprehensive feedback without having mods constantly sort through all the outrage, I’d say it’s a worthy cause. The discussions on those threads are emotional and unproductive, to say the least. Can’t imagine the nightmare y’all have to deal with moderating this riot.


If a person is angry and disappointed, then the best option for them is to leave the game that brings such negative emotions. Unless, of course, the man is a masochist. Everyone has enough negativity in their life. The game should bring pleasure and joy. I had a person in the Alliance who was constantly dissatisfied with everything: the game, the loot, the challenges, the SG… Recently, he finally retired from the game. Now he is well, and we are better. No one spoils our mood anymore. We don’t hear him whining anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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