Most cups you lost or gained from one raid

I was wondering what’s the most cups people have lost or gained from one raid. I lost 60 cups to someone today from a revenge of someone like 700 cups or so below me.

I won 59 cups once from a player with over 4400 TP (I revenge raided them with a 3500-ish team). The tiles just happened to be extremely in my favor that day.

I think 60 is the max. 30 is the standard if both players have an equal number of trophies.

Yes, 60 is the ceiling.

More then that and the opponent is out of reach, so you can’t raid him.


You can’t attack but you can revenge. What happens if you’re a cup dropper, you drop e.g. to 1800 cups and then revenge a player with 2500 cups? Can you gain more than 60 cups in this case?

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There is 61 cups in a raid



61 is Empire’s K-Factor set by the Devs ( think magic math ).

If a 0 Trophy fought a 3200 Trophy, it would still be +60/ -1 trophies.

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(Revenging against a much higher/ much lower trophy opponent or Encouraging attacking higher rated opponents to increase trophies or Elo's math)


How did I not notice this?!

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