Most buffs competition

Can anyone beat 10 buffs (including dragon banner), I think it should be possible with the fitting heroes.:nerd_face:


I think we will need bigger hero photos from now on :joy:


10 without banner


I cant win, but I enjoyed the game :blush:


Is there a most debuffs version?


Totally overbuffed :rofl:

And now try to get as many bad aliments at the same time to fill up the whole pic and three different minions.

Takes 5 minutes per hit to calculate the damage then. :wink:

Can anybody provide sth like a whole categorized list of those symbols, ther meanings, which stack together and which overwrite each other?

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Reminds me of this thread where we were theorizing how to overflow the hero picture box with buff and debuff symbols:


11 with red banner


Cool, sumitomo, Master of buffs!:smile:

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Holy moly!
Where is The Hatter when you need one!?



That would be interesting, having buffs and hatter stealing buffs too, could be more than 12 in theory (no brain for counting how many different buffs exist).


You can get to 11 with no items,

Aegir Aeron Boss Wolf Khiona Kadilen

this gives you a boss wolf with:

+def, spirit link, attack healing, immune, heal over time, element link 1, counter attack, +mana gen, beserker, element link 2 and +special def.

12 might be possible but couldnt think of a double booster to take kads spot


11 with family bonus

Now that Hatter is in the mix, I think it might be possible to overflow the box with buff icons if fighting the right team. Maybe something like this:

Opponent: Poseidon - Kadilen - Aegir - Gregorion - Guardian Kong

Attacker: Hatter - Aeron - Boss Wolf - Khiona - Kunchen

Once all of the enemies fire their specials, Hatter steals their buffs, then all attackers fire their specials. Assuming Aegirs talent activates and it is stolen and placed on Boss Wolf, the resulting buffs on Boss Wolf should be:

  1. Mana shield from Poseidon
  2. Special Skill Shield from Poseidon
  3. Special Skill Defense from Kadilen
  4. Soul Connection from Aegir
  5. Attack Heal from Aegir
  6. Defense Up from Aegir
  7. Protect talent from Aegir
  8. Critical Up from Gregorion
  9. Ice Defense Up from Guardian Kong
  10. HP Regeneration from Aeron
  11. Ailment Shield from Aeron
  12. Element Link (Att/Def) from Aeron
  13. Riposte from Boss Wolf
  14. Mana Gain from Boss Wolf
  15. Berserk from Khiona
  16. Element Link (Heal) from Khiona
  17. Element Link (EDef) from Kunchen

Might be possible to do better, but thats the best I can think of now.


Immortal Ares with 15 buffs!

I broke my previous buff record of 12 buffs by 2 buffs (can get 1 more if Ares passive triggered).
Thanks to the new Midguard heroes.

Sidenotes :grin::

  • Brynhild prevents dispell of buffs.
  • Jean Francois prevents defence debuffs protection. (I could replace him with grazul, for full debuff protection)

This will be my defence team, if these heroes are maxed out. That way all can face the mighty Ares in his true form. :wink:


I will use Hatter so i can steal all of that :heart_eyes:


Just pray you dont run into a charged Snow White + 20 that will hit all your heroes for 420% damage at an 800+ attack stat


I thinks Ares would survive the Snowwhite special. He has the following defence stats with his high base stats (800+ armor):

  • 30% defence (from Aegir)
  • 25% defence (Ares passive)
  • 80% defence against ice (from JF)
  • 44% damage reduction (from Seff)
  • 60% defence against special skills (from Brynhild)


  • Share the damage (from Aegir)
  • Prevent buff dispell (Brynhild)

Maybe Snow White her special will only tickle. :joy:

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Snow white removed the buffs before she does damage. You would be toast


They are immune to dispell.

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