Mormon Battalion recruiting 6-7 members - Min 800 trophies

We are an active and friendly group looking for new members that want to hit titans and participate in wars. We are 23 members right now and are defeating 5* titans regularly. We need your help to start going after 6* titans and hopefully higher.

We are 3-0 in wars having won the last one by over 1700 points.

Only requirements are to have at least 800 trophies and participate. Missing is fine if you let us know. Miss a couple in a row and you will be If you have to miss a war or titan, just let us know. Otherwise, you will be booted out to make space for those who want to be in an active group.

Please come join us and add your strength to help build our team.

Leader is Garthmega, I’m RC100, and the group is open so sign right up.

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