Morlovia - why only 3 heros!? They need to make more

I was just reading about the event, looks cool but only 3 heros! What’s up with that, they need to release maybe 5 or 6 more this year.

Some crazy pumpkin guy
Zombie dude
Lady bathory
Headless horseman

Morlovia is the next seasonal event to be revamped (per the #news-announcements made in December 2019).

Based on the pattern so far, there will be an additional 4 heroes added to the Morlovia Family (as well as a family bonus). It is LIKELY that the additional heroes will be 2x 5*, 1x 4* and 1x 3* hero taking the total to 3x 5*, 2x 4* & 2x 3* in the Morlovia family.

For suggestions/ hero design please make use of one of the two below threads:
Master (?) - New Hero Ideas, Special Skills, Classes & Talents

Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]


Don’t forget this link.


Just curious as to whether or not E&P has any new heroes in beta for the upcoming Morlovia or if they plan on sticking with the same heroes? Same with Mr Santa’s family in winter. Assuming the trend stays I imagine one or two per event.

As per the latest AMA, there will be new heroes for all seasonal events, including Morlovia 2020. Nothing in beta yet tho. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Let the stockpile of tokens continue lol

I want this hero don’t give a f what it does


Goes invisible for 10 turns then rots away dealing poison damage to everyone. Must have.

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Please, I want THE GINOSAJI: Very, very slow: Attack 1 armor 1000 hp 1500

5* Deals 1% of max health damage to the target every action on the battlefield (slash attack, special, tile move…

The target can´t be healed

The effect last till the end of the match.

It would be so op on titans…

If he sits on your bench too long, he gets consumed by Ratasokr