Morlovia Vampire King and Queen

Will we ever meet The vampire King and vampire queen that our healer mentions at the end of the Morlovia Quest?

Or is the King that special vampire who has a skull in the palm of his hand, and has a daughter with a whip?

they are secret titans only available to vip players


Isn’t the vampire king and queen victor and Vanda already?


Yup, exactly that. That’s why Halloween quest is called “Return to Morlovia”.

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Isn’t Vanda the daughter of the king?

That would be valeria

It states here that Vanda and Victor are already vampire queen and king

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Image for additional



So case closed gang!

That was like the easiest Scooby Doo episode ever


Thank you gentlemen for the big clarify.

Now, if only SG would update whatshername’s dialogue about wondering whether or not there’s a vampire king or queen in existence.

Cheds has obviously been watching this lately…

Rumbled me huh?

And I’ve have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling dragons


But nobody got unmasked!

I always laugh inside when Vivica asks about Vampire King while fighting every day side-by-side with Victor in my team.

A huge inconsistency / plot hole that I sure wish Small Giant would fix / repair.

Like the characters Empire is based on the idea that he is on the good side, and yet he is allowed to have what are clearly evil Heroes on his team.

So if anything Small Giant should have created two games, one for evil and one for good.

Haha… its KOTOR thing.
spoiler Victor has amnesia and thinks he is a good guy.

Happy now? :upside_down_face:


LOL, yes…now my day is complete!

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