Morlovia special quest doable without spirit link?

Next one is Shiloh, then Morlovia after that. There’s a handy reference thread.

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That should be stickied somewhere so everyone can reference it straight away. Great stuff.

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You should have no issue at all with a 3300 team, especially if one of them is Wu. I was beating all of the special quests with a team of 2800-2900 and no Wu. Mind you I have progressed since then and it’s significantly easier now.

A few decent battle items and you should be fine, I’m not sure how you could be struggling - especially with all those healers.

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Thanks Shallab,

Morlovia was my first quest when I started a few months back, I was mostly 3* and a few unascended 4*s. I think my team power then was about 2100 or so and I got spanked. Hopefully this is enough of a change. By comparison the Halloween Morlovia event was a walk for me, although I strongly manipulated the pumpkins and of course those are DoT and not DD mobs like the bosses.

If you beat the Halloween event you should do fine. However I believe the enemy damage was lowered a bit due to the pumpkin damage, but even still I’d say you’ll be fine.

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I tried running 4* 3.60 (??) Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett, Wu Kong, Rigard but had trouble until I swapped in 4* 3.60 Kiril ( replacing either Melendor, Wu Kong or Grimm, I cannot remember, it was so very long ago ). Since Kiril is just a free Dragon banner, you might try going heavy on Dragon/ Turtle banners, two healers and mana items for healers.

Wu Kong, Grimm, Melendor are glass cannons, which make them vulnerable to the Vampire Lords.

Caedmon has better defense stat and HP. Kiril gives you a defense buff. Boldtusk at 4* 4.70 has better stats than Ares (3rd tier). Ares Heal Over Time is not as useful against the Vampire Lords as Kiril, Boldtusk, Melendor and their immediate healing.

I agree with Kerridoc about the team, not sure about the battle items. Wu Kong is very squishing.

Turtle banners are 4 turns ( 20 turns total ) but Dragon banners ( 15 turns total ) help you kill at least one Vampire Lord in case you have to spend 75 gems to revive.

Axe attack have a 6 turn attack debuff while Bomb attack only decreases damage by another 5% and overwrites Axe attack.

I would probably try Kiril, Boldtusk/ Melendor, Caedmon, Grimm, Wu Kong. Brining Turtle/ Dragon Banners, 1 slot healing for mob waves, 1 slot mana for healers and Wu Kong, Axe attack/ Bomb attack.

Try several combinations before spending 75 gems to revive. Only spend 75 gems to revive if you can take out one of the Vampire Lords before your team dies.

I agree. This is very important especially with Wu Kong’s stat and color.

Yes. You should do much better with 4* 4.70. If you were running 3* 3.50 their true level is only 120 compared to 220 for fully leveled 4* Heroes.

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Thanks so much!

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So Morlovia popped and I pulled a couple of Wilburs from the Atlantis event last week. I had a 3-60 Wilbur and easily destroyed the Vampire Bosses with him and Wu’s special.

Wilbur and Wu are easily the best 4* in the game. W&W



Pair Wilbur with Khiona and that is quite fun as well. I pair Joon and Lianna with Khiona for the boost. Activate Wilbur and take out quite a bit with special damage there.

I only really use Wu on titans although from reading I should try and use Wilbur on titans as well.

I’m pissed.
I have a 2900 something 4* all leveled at 60 team tried the last level three times to which is supposed to be a 3000 team level.
I have been obliterated every time. I was lucky one time to get out of the first round with three heroes.

And only once got to the boss.
What gives? A 3000 team should be a balanced fight against a 29xx one. It’s not the case.
In case someone wonders i tried with purple rigard, yellow chao, red colen and sumitomo and green melendor.
I don’t have a fully leveled blue yet but i tried it once and lost three heroes in the first round.

I also have to say that the board game has been absolute crap with the gems. Rarely get any combos and with the enemy being able to attack after three four turns plus the combined targeting of one hero at a time i don’t have a chance.
Between this quest and raids this game is pissing me off more than being fun lately. Sorry for the rant.

For me it was also harder than I thought.

Two of my mates even had to have revived by Mommy North and I used more war items than in hard stages of S2.

Those vampyres special are pretty though. You would do better with double holy. Also, it has more to do with what heroes you use than with the overall power of the team. Coleen is good, but slow, Chao is not very strong. Melendor has good tile damage and healing, Rigard is a great healer, but being weak color does not help. So, you end up having little attack power.
If you do not have a deshielder like Grimm or Gormek, and cannot double on holies, I recommend the usual axes, bombs, dragons and arrows in sequence to kill them, plus some of your heroes specials

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I went double holy and chewed threw them without much trouble.

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It was really easy for me even if my team was composed by only 4*s: Wu Kong 4/70, Danzaburo 3/60, Kiril 4/70, Wilbur 4/70 and Scarlett 3/60.
No battle items needed, just a couple of health potions.

I dont know if i remember correctly but Morlovia is one of the hardest and what i mean is that the bosses have a really powerful special if you cant control their mana. Like always try to get to the last round all charged up with specials, have a pulverizer [not Tib tho] and 2 yellows. bring health potions turtle banners and arrows/axes/bombs. Not easy for a 2900 but team power is not all.

Rigard is a cool healer and all but doesnt really work here.

Use a 3-2 strategy and some items.i finished it with leonidas-gormek-lixiu-bt-wukong and some arrows and minor healing.ofcourse wu is a major factor

The problem is because I’m getting such crappy boards i can’t get to the boss. Melendor is usually one of the first to get nuked and then it’s either chao or colen. And this on the first level before i get one hero filled with Mana.
As for yellow the only other one i have is Bane fully leveled. Used it instead of Melendor and it was meat sauce in the first attack if the enemy.

The issue here is to board. If it doesn’t give proper combos, diamonds then it doesn’t really matter what team you have. The enemy after three or four turns will target a single hero and will kill it because of the huge damage they give.

I’ve merged this into an earlier thread that provided some helpful advice on how to beat Morlovia. Also see:

The team power recommendation is not a guarantee that every 3000 power team can win. I always drop yellow and add purple from my team.

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I guess I got really lucky. Didn’t min-max my team at all: Sabina 4/70; Triton 4/53; Caedmon 4/52; Boldtusk 3/60; Wu Kong 3/60. I think I used 2 healing potions with the mobs leading up to the final fight, and then used 3 mid-healings, 10 minor healings, 1-2 antidotes, and 5 bomb attacks (one at the beginning, one when that one was wearing off, then the other 3 in succession to nuke the first Vampire). I concentrated on the left Vampire, and then went for the one on the right, which was near full hits, with Wu Kong already down. Still finished with two living heroes. I think I had an exceptionally good board on one of the mob levels, though — had I not had that, I might not have made it.

I’ve found that with all the special events, this one included, having someone to control mana (Proteus, Merlin, Hansel, Peters, Gretel maybe others) and someone with counter attack to makes the bosses super easy.

My normal team is Proteus, 2 healers, Elena and a hitter. Unless I get terrible boards, boards I just keep Proteus’s special on and Elena’s counter and Proteus’ poison ends up doing most of the damage even if tiles aren’t great.

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