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I tried running 4* 3.60 (??) Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett, Wu Kong, Rigard but had trouble until I swapped in 4* 3.60 Kiril ( replacing either Melendor, Wu Kong or Grimm, I cannot remember, it was so very long ago ). Since Kiril is just a free Dragon banner, you might try going heavy on Dragon/ Turtle banners, two healers and mana items for healers.

Wu Kong, Grimm, Melendor are glass cannons, which make them vulnerable to the Vampire Lords.

Caedmon has better defense stat and HP. Kiril gives you a defense buff. Boldtusk at 4* 4.70 has better stats than Ares (3rd tier). Ares Heal Over Time is not as useful against the Vampire Lords as Kiril, Boldtusk, Melendor and their immediate healing.

I agree with Kerridoc about the team, not sure about the battle items. Wu Kong is very squishing.

Turtle banners are 4 turns ( 20 turns total ) but Dragon banners ( 15 turns total ) help you kill at least one Vampire Lord in case you have to spend 75 gems to revive.

Axe attack have a 6 turn attack debuff while Bomb attack only decreases damage by another 5% and overwrites Axe attack.

I would probably try Kiril, Boldtusk/ Melendor, Caedmon, Grimm, Wu Kong. Brining Turtle/ Dragon Banners, 1 slot healing for mob waves, 1 slot mana for healers and Wu Kong, Axe attack/ Bomb attack.

Try several combinations before spending 75 gems to revive. Only spend 75 gems to revive if you can take out one of the Vampire Lords before your team dies.

I agree. This is very important especially with Wu Kong’s stat and color.

Yes. You should do much better with 4* 4.70. If you were running 3* 3.50 their true level is only 120 compared to 220 for fully leveled 4* Heroes.

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