Morlovia quest, what gives?

I’m pissed.
I have a 2900 something 4* all leveled at 60 team tried the last level three times to which is supposed to be a 3000 team level.
I have been obliterated every time. I was lucky one time to get out of the first round with three heroes.

And only once got to the boss.
What gives? A 3000 team should be a balanced fight against a 29xx one. It’s not the case.
In case someone wonders i tried with purple rigard, yellow chao, red colen and sumitomo and green melendor.
I don’t have a fully leveled blue yet but i tried it once and lost three heroes in the first round.

I also have to say that the board game has been absolute crap with the gems. Rarely get any combos and with the enemy being able to attack after three four turns plus the combined targeting of one hero at a time i don’t have a chance.
Between this quest and raids this game is pissing me off more than being fun lately. Sorry for the rant.

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