Morlovia-gate and rule 14

So… My first post. To be honest I just wanted to write quick feedback for Game Creators, but apparently there’s no such option in-game and I was redirected here. Hi, everybody.

Recently something happened. A bug, to be exact. And while it was solved, its echoes still ring across the community. I’m talking of course about [SOLVED] Possibility to replay Morlovia and reearn the rewards - #232.

Oh, how I wish to talk about that whole situation and share my thoughts on it. But unfortunately, I need to talk about Forum Rule no. 14 instead.

  1. Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.

Well, it makes certain sense when applied to individual cases. But there’s a certain threshold when disciplinary actions are becoming irrelevant and health of entire community is at stake. Right now many people are quitting the game. Many declare that they won’t spend a single penny on it anymore. And I believe them since they are actually encouraged by the developers to abstain from doing so… which seems pretty detrimental for everyone included. This is something that needs to be discussed. If we want to be a healthy community, we NEED to talk about current situation. But above-mentioned rule seems to be in a way of that.

So my first question here is: are we allowed to discuss what’s happened in Morlovia?

It is a public knowledge after all, but I don’t see any topics about this. So is it against the forum rules to talk about something that affects every person that has anything to do with our game (players and creators alike)?


Going by similar threads, the short answer will be no. Sad, but true.

Edit: And welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:. You sure picked a hot topic to begin with!


I’ll bite…

Belatedly, welcome to the forum :thinking:. Why do you suggest WE need to talk about it? How will that resolve anything?

Welcome to the forum! And yes, certainly a hotbed topic to start off with. I respect that. :grin:

I guess I’d have to start off with a question for you. You say that many people are quitting the game, and won’t spend a penny anymore.

Are these people who are quitting because they’re upset that the exploiters weren’t punished enough?

Or… are these people those who abused the exploit themselves?

If it’s the latter, I have next to zero sympathy for them.

Especially not if they were heavy spenders.

Didn’t they already have enough of an advantage already, without exploits?


i dont think need to discuss , exploit revealed , exploiter get punished , end story.

discuss will never solve anything , since no matter happens , SGG always “wrong” in community point of view.

Hmm…not sure they are. There are plenty of SG biased opinions posted on these forums. I myself have credited them when it was obviously required, critiqued them when I thought necessary.


if you mean by “Morlovia” Yes they are , even many people said that SGG intentionally make bug to suck player $$$ which is personally i hard to believe , imo they already did the job , and i totally agreed that Exploiter need to be suspended or punished. no matter how much you dislike something , it doesnt mean you have Right to exploit it. it may happens on us too someday in other way, just dont jinx yourself by support “exploiter”.

Ah, ok. No worries, I was talking in general regards the game.

As far as the Morlovia issue goes…I agree with you. Players reap what they sow. It’s SG game, their rules.

Hi, I’m going to put a lock on this thread and let staff review it.

From my point of view I don’t think there is any issue with a discussion about the BUG and EXPLOIT itself… The issue is that said discussion lasts all of about 10 posts before someone brings up the disciplinary action taken.

So discussion about the bug itself I believe is OK but the discipline is where staff have drawn the line.

As an aside, I personally can’t really see any major benefit from a discussion on the subject for a couple reasons:

  1. it inevitably results in back and forth arguments between parties that are at opposite sides and will NEVER budge. Regardless of how much you argue… This leads to incivility and requirement for moderator intervention and babysitting.

  2. it’s in the past. It happened and it’s done. The perpetrators have been dealt with and the game moves on.
    Will there likely be future bugs? Yeah probably. Nothing’s ever perfect, especially when there are humans involved.
    Will people probably exploit the bug in future? Hopefully not… Hopefully the monetary incentives from the Bug Bounty program will encourage reporting rather than exploitation.
    On this note, if the bug HAD been reported not exploited, the finder would have gotten a 5k paycheck… Rather than a the alternative consequences they now have.


Staff have elected to keep this closed. They have provided an update (below) which should answer some of the OPs questions / intent.