Morlovia advanced without a healer

Hey - happens that i have a solid team but no healer besides Belith - I find myself burning healing items too much for my liking in advanced levels while pumpkins blow on my face - the number of pumpkins can be just overwhelming sometimes like 6-7 in odd places impossible to clean.

I run with sabina and vivica, and they both are healing all the time to keep up…burning up items has to be costly.

I find myself actually avoiding big boardsweeps and matching 3 only to have less vegetables - i think the banner does not protect against them as well

If you don’t have a better healer than Belith, then Morlovia is not a good event for you unless you just enjoy the challenge (which is cool if you do). The rewards really aren’t worth the WE flags unless you need the tabard. It is a more efficient use of WE to just keep farming. No real other advice for you without 1-2 healers that are 4* or better.

I go totally in the other direction and say to you use another 3* along Belith: Kailani.

If you have 3 good hitters, the 2 of them cover your @ss :face_with_monocle:


That is exactly how i did rare quests before I had a solid rooster of 4* Heroes :smile:

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Belith + Kailani or Gunnar will probably get you as far as level 15, at least. Maybe farther. Bring mana potions to charge them up.


Spirit link can dramatically decrease how often you need to heal.

Bringing the allowed 3 revival scrolls for Belith and Kailai/Gunnar along with the Health and Mana Potions Potions could also be a big help

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Thanks for comments guys - kailani and gunnar are lvl 1…however did a Atlantis summon and got 7 4* out of 12 calls - of course no healer…but wait I have Gobbler now, he heals if only some event bosses would summon minions :smiley:

Too bad none of the Halloween bosses summon minions. :frowning: .

I do believe that Gunnar/Kailani+Belith should help, consider that pumpkins charge your mana if you clear them, meaning you can fire your healer more often.

In many cases, I found that clearing pumpkins is more beneficial than hitting enemys: you gain mana and you avoid loosing health.

I’m now waiting for my world energy to recharge to try level 20 (and I still have to clear last two levels of mount Umber!!!).

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